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Eating an average meal in a new place is always a hassle. However, when there are literally hundreds (or even thousands!) of restaurants to choose from, how do you choose only those that guarantee a delicious and memorable experience? Well, there is good news.I have tons of tips and tricks for finding the best restaurants when you travel!

These tips will take you from trendy, Instagram-favorite spots to lesser-known hole-in-the-walls that doso proudto find. Get ready to find your new favorite restaurant! Here's how:

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Pre-trip research (for my planners)

I'm one of those people who likes to have a rough holiday schedule – a general idea of ​​how to spend time each day. That said, I don't like meal/restaurant planning.I don't need that commitment. What if I drink 4 beers somewhere and the bar plays the best music? There's no way I'm going out to make a dinner reservation!

But I want to know the best places before I come, so once I'm there I have references so I can make a quick decision.Here's what I do before:

Read blogs and make a list

When looking for the best restaurants, I like to start with a little internet research.I'll Google it"The best places to eat in New York blog"THE"the blog's best brunch in new orleans

TIP: I always type "blog" into the search engine.

If I leave the "blog" I get a lot of results from Trip Advisor and Yelp, and while they can be useful, a lot of them are paid content.And I'm not looking for which restaurants invest the most in advertising. I want local restaurants that focus on food! Here are your next steps:

  • Search and click on a blog to see suggestions.
  • Launch Notes on your iPhone and list the ones that suit you or have similar tastes.
  • Go back to the search results and click on the next blog.
  • The intention is to read 5-8 blog posts and note restaurants that go perfectly together and those that appear in multiple blog posts.
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TIP: Don't forget to enter your location.

Specify the items and add a neighborhood or even an address to your list. This will make your choice even easier when you travel.

Tip: spread it around.

Don't just place the restaurant in a certain area.Finding the best restaurants in different neighborhoods will give you a reliable place to go no matter where you are. The only place where there should be at least 3 options is near where you live.

TIP: Save links.

If you like a blog post and it has a lot of recommendations, copy/paste the link in your note as well. Then it will be easy to find you once you are there. No one wants to spend time surfing the Internet on vacation.

Note: This procedure is intended as a helpful tool.

Will you visit every restaurant on your list? Maybe, but probably not.This is a list of places that suit your climate that you can quickly refer to. Instead of going to a random restaurant, you can go to the place you were looking for information about.

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Search Instagram

After searching on Google, I found Gram. I will first look through the profile of the parties already on my list and make sure they are a good fit for me. Search their accounts and the name of each restaurant #hashtag. All images will either excite you more or help you understandeh, not my style at alle and you can remove it from the list.

I'll see if I can find more restaurants. I will look for #hashtags like“#sedonafoodie”, “#bostonrestaurants” lub “eatchicago”.This will give you every post that contains that hashtag and will help you a lot in finding the best restaurants when you travel.

TIP: Don't add too many likes on Instagram.

I like some of them, but keep in mind that Instagram is for show. Restaurants can pretend on Instagram. And users only post their best photos to make things look amazing - that's okay, we're all to blame.

It's fun to visit some popular places and take nice pictures, but it's also worth finding places off the beaten track.I will usually stay 2-3 places from my search on Instagram.

Tip: you can follow #hashtags.

I don't (for the reasons mentioned), but if you really like it, follow the hashtag to always get updates on the best places to eat!

Tip: use the save + collect feature.

I like to list them on my iPhone Note to keep them all in one place, but you can also save posts to come back to later in the app. Click the 3 lines in the top right corner of the profile page, tap Saved and click + to create a folder. While browsing, click on the small flag and place it on the city named collection.

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Get recommendations from friends

There is no better restaurant recommendation than this from someone who knows you!Be sure to ask people who have visited your city what their favorite places are and add the ones they recommend to your list. They know you and I hope they send you to a great place! For my top recommendations from across the US, read on9 best restaurants in 9 out of 9 cities.

Now you have a pre-trip list!

Your iPhone Note now has 10 new places worth seeing. A few more tips:

  • It depends on the length of your trip, but keep your list between 8 and 15 or it will be too much.
  • In my note, I usually group them by location and then keep them in order from breakfast to dinner.
  • Your note is a GUIDE.Don't be obsessed with checking them all. Some things have to be done organically!
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Real-Time Decisions (For Spontaneous!)

You have a list of new restaurants, and that's great, but like I said, don't get obsessed. There are ways to find good restaurants in your current location in real time. Here are the tricks.

Use Google Maps

You're in a new city, not sure where you are, but the team is hungry. You can walk to the nearest restaurant, but what are the chances of finding a memorable meal? A bit small considering how many places to eat there!

This is my favorite way to find a great restaurant!
  • To stopGoogle Maps.
  • Enter restaurants in the search bar and you'll find plenty of places nearby.
  • Zoom in on your location, then click SHOW LIST at the bottom of the screen.
  • Use the top navigation sorter to filter your search - Cuisine and price are great options AND
  • IMPORTANT: Click Top Score.
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You've just compiled a list of top-rated restaurants (based on their overall Google rating) that are closest to where you are. That's wonderful.So if I was looking for a nice sports bar, like I usually do, I'd put "American" in the kitchen, get high marks, and have a list to choose from. I would click on the first one on the list, read the description, look at the pictures, read some reviews and see if it fits. If not, move on to the next restaurant on the list until you find it.

Tip: If you want even more detailed information, you can do so.

If you know right away what you're looking for, you can narrow down the list from scratch.Instead of typing restaurants into the search bar, type brunch, dive bar, Chinese food, whatever. Then when sorting, just click "Top Rated".

Find expensive Italian restaurants with fresh pasta for date night, BBQ in your price range, best brunch, vegan restaurants, anything you want in just 2 minutes. It works every time.

Tip: Use Google Maps with your list.

If you choose a place from your personal list, link it to Google Maps for a quick check before you go. Read some reviews and look at the photos to see exactly if this is the item you are looking for.

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Ask your Concierge or Airbnb host

Hotel concierges are underutilized. And they have all the information!They have a hand in everything that happens and, not to mention, they have the power of attraction. So. Ask them to recommend a great restaurant. And be specific! Tell them exactly what kind of places you like and mention that you don't want everyone to see only the popular restaurants they mention. you want authentic restaurants. (Note: This also applies to Airbnb hosts!)

TIP: Give them a little advice. A few dollars is enough to get what you need!

If they help you call a taxi, give them a few dollars as a thank you. The next day you are looking for a restaurant, they will remember you and give you the best advice. Remember what you wantsecrets. And a little bribe helps!

Ask ALL residents

This is the key to finding a restaurant. And I mean itreal things. Locals know what's best for the hottest restaurant in town and which spots should get more attention.Do not talk "where to eat," to speak "what do you like to eatto make sure they give you some BETTER advice. It's an easy way to list multiple restaurants.

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Look for crowded places and lines out the door

Always keep your eyes open for a great restaurant, even if you're not hungry. If you see a place where people are standing outside the door…cha-ching, you hit "best choice".". Add this restaurant to your Notes on your phone so you don't forget it and come back when you're ready to eat. Or better yet, make a dinner reservation and you're done.

TIP: Drive during off-peak hours.

If there is a line out the door, this is a place you want to avoid around 9:00, 12:00, and 18:00. Come back outside opening hours or make a reservation.

What to avoid when eating out on vacation

Eating near tourist traps

Do NOT eat near tourist traps in big citiessuch as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York. They are available for convenience and are always overpriced. Avoid these restaurants like the plague and walk 5 blocks in any direction before doing a Google search.

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The greeter at the door ushers you in

The best restaurants don't need someone standing outside trying to attract people. Cancel the shipment.

Empty parts

It seems obvious, but if there is no one in the restaurant, even during off-peak hours, there are better local businesses ready to give you a creative take on fresh ingredients!

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Tips for finding the best restaurants when you travel

Now you have all my tips and tricks for finding the best restaurants ANYWHERE.Use these tools and you won't be disappointed with your vacation choices. Eat at the best pizzerias, inhale the tastiest tacos, enjoy the best sushi rolls and trust yourself to find all the best restaurants in the world.

Comment below where you had the BEST restaurant meal OVER THE HOLIDAYS.


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