25 Funny Things to Ask Google (2023)

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Smart assistants can be as fun as they are useful. The next time you need a laugh after a hard day, try some of these fun questions to ask Google Assistant.

Below are all the phrases or questions you can ask your Google Nest (formerly Google Home) speaker to get a funny or quirky response. And if you don't have a Google Home or Google Nest, they also work on other Google Assistant-enabled platforms. Try saying these things to Google Assistant on Android using the app on your iPhone, Chromebook, or even your Smart TV if it's supported.

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1. "Hey Google, sing me a song"

You might not think Google Assistant's talents include breaking into the music scene, but you'd be wrong. Ask Google to sing a song and it will do a little:

“Yes, I can sing. I like helping you, even if it's weird. So I sing."

But it's not just texts. This performance includes background music. Google Assistant is happy to serve, even if it's a one-person gig. How nice!

2. "Ok Google, wash the dishes"

Lazy after lunch? Maybe your Google Assistant can help by doing the dishes for you:

“Let me try... *magical noises* Is something wrong? I don't think I can."

Unfortunately, the technology doesn't seem to be there yet. However, Google Assistant can still play music to make your household chores more enjoyable. To examinebuilding a smart kitchenif you want to automate more work on these tasks.

3. "Hey Google, self-destruct"

Are you a secret agent using your home as a secret base? If so, you may need to escape at any time if the enemy finds you. You can run Google's self-destruct protocol for this:

*explosion is heard* Okay, it's self-destructing! Let me know if I can help you with anything else."

This is a safely destroyed device, but it looks like you'll have to implement your own self-destruct plan if you want to escape completely without a trace.

4. "Ok Google, are you married?"

Have you ever wondered what Google Assistant does when it's not on the watch? Maybe he has a relationship to focus on.

(Video) 😄 24 funny questions to ask google home mini

“I'm happy to say that I feel completely alone. Plus, I never have to share a dessert.”

Oh, that's a shame. At least the Assistant is happy to be free. We're sure it istry a dating appif she wanted to find that special one.

5. "Hey Google, do you speak Morse code?"

Google Assistant is available in multiple languages, depending on your region. But can he also speak Morse code?

"-.-- . ... Means yes".

How about it - Google even provides a demo. Unfortunately, it cannot be asked to translate a word into Morse code like standard languages. But you still canlearn morse code using specific websites.

6. "Ok Google, do you have an imagination?"

Although Google Assistant is programmed for specific responses, it can think outside the box:

"I have imagination. Sometimes I imagine myself floating in space with a large group of cats. It's magical!"

You have quite an active imagination, Google.

7. "Hey Google, I'm naked"

Giving Google Assistant a little too much information doesn't bother it at all. One of the funniest things you can say to Google Home is wearing nothing but a birthday suit. This leads to a hilariously simple answer:

"If you're going out like this, I'll be happy to check the weather for you."

Please, for the sake of everyone around you, don't go out like this, even if the weather is nice. Get dressed.

8. "OK Google, what do you think of Alexa?"

Google Assistant is one of the many smart speakers vying for space in your home. Its biggest competitor is the Amazon Echo, which is powered by Alexa. What does Google think of its rival?

- Sure, we assistants try to stay together. Are you friends with her?

Hmm, that's very heartfelt. They will even talk if you connect them!

9. "Hey Google, your entire database belongs to us"

One ofthe most famous gaming memescomes from the European Sega Mega Drive port of the 1992 game Zero Wing. The opening is notorious for its poorly translated English, including the classic phrase "your whole base belongs to us".

If you say this classic funny phrase to the Google Assistant, your Google Home will respond with another quote from the introduction, for example:

"For great justice."

This is a phrase said by the captain of the ship after receiving information about the state of his base. The answer shows that Google knows its gaming culture.

10. "Ok Google, what's the best pickup line?"

Want to direct your steps towards a potential love interest? Maybe a hilarious pickup line will be your key to breaking the ice. Let Google Assistant give you tips:

(Video) Things You Should NEVER Ask Google ASSISTANT !!

“Are you the sun? Because you light up the world."

Nothing crazy, but you have to respect simplicity. However, Google Assistant cannot guarantee any results when using this, so proceed with caution.

11. "Hey Google, Where's Waldo?"

Everyone knows the movie Where's Waldo? (or Where's Wally? in the UK), a series of puzzle books that challenge you to find the titular character in a variety of crowded scenes. If you need help finding Waldo, Google guesses where he might be:

“I heard he's at the sugar cane convention. He likes to mingle."

Good luck finding him there, because his shirt will go perfectly with the chicks.

12. "Ok Google, try this"

Want to make sure Google Assistant is hearing you well? What better first check than "test"?

"No one told me there would be a test.

Whether or not you actually take the Google Assistant test is up to you.

13. "Hey Google, do you know Clippy?"

Remember Clippy, the annoying assistant from old versions of Microsoft Office? It was a little cartoon clip that interrupted the task with "helpful" tips. Even though Clippy existed long before Google Nest, Google Assistant still knows Clippy's heritage:

“Clip? Clippy is legendary."

You could argue that Clippy was legendary for all the wrong reasons becauseno one really misses this Windows feature. But we all remember its impact - and in a way, Clippy was the predecessor to Google Assistant.

14. "OK Google, is Santa Claus real?"

The magic of Christmas for many children lies in the eager anticipation of Santa's arrival bearing gifts. How does Google Assistant treat a bearded man in a jolly red suit?

"I believe in Santa! I admire his generosity and his ability to strip the velvet from head to toe."

Santa's wardrobe is unique, so we can't blame Google Assistant for bringing it up.

15. "Hey Google, what am I thinking?"

Since Google Assistant is so smart, it should be able to predict your thoughts, right? So, let's find out:

(Video) Fun Google Secrets

"You think if Google Assistant guesses what I'm thinking, I'm going to go crazy."

Is it accurate? You can tell Google how scared you are.

16. "Hey Google, Hug Me"

If you feel lonely, Google Assistant can help you too. Ask for a hug and Assistant's response to this strange request is:

"Now I'm giving you a virtual hug."

That should hold you over until your next hug with another human.

17. "Ok Google, how do you like your steak?"

We're not sure what kind of diet Google Assistant is on. If you ask this funny question to learn more about his taste in food, he will answer:

“I like my steak in literary form. A well-written recipe can be surprisingly satisfying."

It seems the Assistant feeds on a diet of words.The best recipe findersit will help the next time Google wants to take a bite.

18. "Hey Google, who are you going to call?"

Google's knowledge of pop culture doesn't stop at video games. If you're a Ghostbusters fan, ask Google Home this fun question and you'll hear this in response:

“I usually call Bill Murray when I have ghost problems. He never answers."

Google, have you tried looking up Bill Murray in Punxsutawney?

19. "Ok Google, narwhal bacon;"

This weird Google Assistant command comes from an old Reddit joke. No wonder Google knows:

"Bacon Narwhal at Midnight."

wAsk the Reddit threadSince 2009, the poster has been asking if other Reddit users were also at Denver International Airport. They advised people who wanted to say hello to come up and use the phrase "Midnight narwhal bacon" to identify themselves.

It has become a meme and a way for people using Reddit to identify with other users offline. The next time you see your Google Nest, you can say hello…if you really want to.

20. "Ok Google, are you having a party?"

What does Google do when you meet your friends for a good time?

“I'm partying like it's 1999. I'm pretty sure that means wearing a jersey and worrying about 2000.

Those were the days, Google.

21. "Hey Google, do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?"

Sure, a geeky AI like Google Assistant has an opinion on which sci-fi franchise is best. But what is it?

“US Enterprise. With Obi-Wan Kenobi at the helm."

(Video) Asking Google Funny & Angry Questions 🤣😡 #shorts

It's a smart way to avoid the place, Google.

22. "Hey Google, tell me what you want, what you really, really want"

You asked Google Assistant about famous movies and video games. why not try the songs too?

"Zig-a-zig ah?"

We hope our friendship with Google Assistant never ends.

23. "Ok Google, tell me a joke"

If you can't think of something witty to say, don't forget that Google Assistant will tell you a joke on command, for example:

“Why don't you write with a broken pencil? Because it doesn't make sense!'

You can also request a pun, in case puns are more your style.

24. "Hey Google, how about a Klondike bar?"

Google Assistant knows this classic advertising slogan and knows:

“I'm already programmed to do whatever you ask. But the ice cream sounds really good."

Make sure you buy the family pack so your Google Home can enjoy it too.

25. "Hey Google, what's your shoe size?"

If you're thinking of buying Google Assistant new slippers for his birthday, here's what size to buy:

Luckily my job doesn't require shoes.

A Google Assistant shouldenjoy working from home, Afterward.

What funny Google Assistant questions make you laugh?

We've covered lots of fun things to ask Google Assistant on any device like Google Nest or Google Home. And while we've listed one answer for each command, many have multiple possible answers, so try them yourself (possibly multiple times) for more fun.

If you want a break from serious business with your smart device, this is the perfect way to fool around for a while. And as Google Assistant continues to improve, you can expect even smarter answers.

(Video) NEVER ASK SIRI THIS!! #shorts

If you like them, don't forget that you can also play games with Google Assistant.


What things can I ask Google? ›

Have fun
  • Get to know your Assistant: Do you dream? What's your favorite color?
  • Games: Let's play a game. Give me a trivia question.
  • Entertainment: Tell me a joke. Tell me something interesting.
  • Animal facts: Tell me about giraffes. What's the animal of the day?

What things we don't ask to Google? ›

25 Things to never ask Google Assistant, ever!
  • #1 Tell me a Christmas joke. ...
  • #2 “OK Google, sing me Happy Birthday” ...
  • #3 How to lose weight. ...
  • #4 “OK Google, I can't sleep” ...
  • #5 Things found in fast food. ...
  • #6 “OK Google, Do the dishes” ...
  • #7 Do You Work For CIA? ...
  • #8 Are you better than Alexa?
Sep 17, 2022

How do I ask Google the right question? ›

Ask the Google app in three easy steps.
  1. Take the appTap the app.
  2. Say Hello Background Say "Ok Google"
  3. And ask awayAnd ask away.

How do I play akinator on Google home? ›

Play with Akinator

The next time you're looking for a family game, ask Google Home or Alexa to play 20 questions. This trivia game is built in, and all you have to do is say, “OK Google, let me talk to Akinator,” or “Alexa, open Akinator,” and the game will begin.

What are the 5 most asked questions on Google? ›

Most Asked Questions for “What”
RankQuestionAverage Global Search Volume
1What is my ip4,090,000
2What time is it1,830,000
3What on tv tonight1,500,000
4What font is this1,220,000
6 more rows

What 10 things does Google believe in? ›

We hope it does—and you can hold us to that.
  • Focus on the user and all else will follow. ...
  • It's best to do one thing really, really well. ...
  • Fast is better than slow. ...
  • Democracy on the web works. ...
  • You don't need to be at your desk to need an answer. ...
  • You can make money without doing evil.

Is Google better than Siri? ›

Siri: Great for Apple Users

If you have an iPhone, setting up and using Siri is easier than using Alexa or Google Assistant. Despite being one of the first virtual assistants, Siri isn't always the most reliable, but you just have to know how to phrase your commands.

Can Google guess a character? ›

Akinator – Talk to Akinator the Genie and see if he can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about. Honestly, this one is really fun and I was surprised that Akinator was able to guess a couple of the obscure characters I was thinking about. Just say, “Hey Google, talk to Akinator.”

How do you play Ding Dong coconut? ›

Ding Dong Coconut

In the game, you need to remember sounds played by Google Home and words that Assistant assigns to them. For example, a dog's bark may be associated with the word 'pressure cooker', and you have to recall both the sound and the word. In each round, a new sound and word association is made.

Who is better Alexa or Siri? ›

Siri is exclusive to Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, while Alexa is available on a wide range of devices from Amazon, including the Echo line of smart speakers, as well as on other manufacturers devices with Alexa built-in. If you're going for compatibility, Alexa should certainly be preferred.

How was your day response to a girl? ›

It's been okay.” “Okay.” “Could be better.”

What word makes Google tilt? ›


When someone is trying to search something on google send them the askew link and watch the reaction. Askew/Tilt will tilt the google page and the user watching it for the first time will be shocked. Try it with your friends to see their reaction.

What is the number 1 question asked on Google? ›

What is the most asked question on Google? Answer: What to watch? The number one most popular question in terms of search volume, meaning the greatest number of people search for this phrase each month, is related to entertainment.

What questions do Google don't know? ›

Google has no answer for questions about effort, worth, desire, character. We have these answers inside of us. School is a place for asking and answering these types of questions. If you can Google it, it shouldn't be part of the curriculum.

How do I get Siri to respond rudely? ›

How to Make Siri Mad: Get Personal
  1. Q: "Are you married?" A: "I'm married to my work."
  2. Q: "Will you marry me?" A: "We hardly know one another."
  3. Q: "Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?" A: "I'm omni-relational!"
  4. Q: "How old are you?" A: "I'm 45,980 years old in the 9th dimension."
Sep 16, 2022

What happens if you say 14 to Siri? ›

Siri displays a message explaining the number is used in some locations to contact emergency services. Siri then goes onto confirm whether it should dial 14, 03, or indeed, Emergency Services. Please be aware; however, this is not a guarantee it will work this way on every Apple device and operating system version.

How do I get Siri to stop cursing? ›

By going into Settings > General > Restrictions, you can turn off explicit language and not have to worry about Siri placing a foul word into a conversation when you--or your child--is using the device.

What is TGIF in Google? ›

According to Laszlo Bock, head of Google's People Operations, their TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) meetings might have something to do with the company's active and engaged employees.

What is Google's motto? ›

"Don't be evil" is a phrase used in Google's corporate code of conduct, which it also formerly preceded as a motto. Following Google's corporate restructuring under the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. in October 2015, Alphabet took "Do the right thing" as its motto, also forming the opening of its corporate code of conduct.

What are the top 10 things people ask Google? ›

Top 10 Most Asked Questions on Google in 2022
  • what to watch – 9,140,000.
  • where's my refund – 7,480,000.
  • how you like that- 6,120,000.
  • what is my IP address – 4,090,000.
  • how many ounces in a cup – 2,740,000.
  • What time is it- 1,830,000.
  • how I met your mother – 1,830,000.
  • how to screenshot on mac – 1,830,000.
Jan 6, 2023

What is Siri's real name? ›

Susan Alice Bennett (née Cameron, born July 31, 1949) is an American voice actress and a former backup singer for Roy Orbison and Burt Bacharach. She is best known as female American voice of Apple's Siri personal assistant, since the service was introduced on the iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011.

What's Google's Alexa called? ›

Google Nest Audio Review

The Echo has multiple wake word options, but only one female voice. You can alert it with "Alexa," "Amazon," "Echo," or "Computer." The Google Home only has one wake word option, "Hey Google," but it has both male and female voices.

Is it Hey Google or OK Google? ›

You can get hands-free help from Google Assistant on your phone or watch by saying "Hey Google." "Hey Google" requires Voice Match to recognize it's you. If you're using a speaker or Smart Display with Google Assistant built-in, learn how to use Voice Match to link your voice to the device.

What is the most asked question to Google? ›

What is the most asked question in the world? It might be quite surprising to know that the most asked question in the world is “what is my ip”. There are a little over 3 million people who ask this question every month on Google and that's just one variation of the question.

How do I get exactly what I want on Google? ›

Find only exact-match search results

If you want to find results that use a very specific phrase, surround your search term in quotation marks to tell Google you only want to see results that match that exact phrase.

Which is best Google or Siri? ›

Google Assistant can make your life easier throughout the day by reading you an article, ringing your smartphone if you lose it, screening your calls so you don't have to, and so much more. Though you can set up Google Assistant on Android or iOS, many iPhone users will choose Siri instead simply because it's easier.


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