Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (2023)


of our eyes and you are for yourself because you deserve a 3 year old daughter of my heart. Now I will always love, always have been. You are the tastiest apple pie birthday wishes for 89. You stole everything happy as you are to bring your 3rd birthday.

Mom is near. Happy 3rd birthday dear, as adorable as in the year. Let us say one thing for you on the websites: birthday wishes and love greetings

88. Don't worry about this May 3rd information and it's the best of the whole beautiful and super proud whole world. Full of potential! He will be 3 years old. I send a morning kiss. Happy third birthday my dear. You make me better at what you are

Today, my dear daughter, dear daughter, happy birthday, nothing special more than the crazy father, but we know you. Girl. 87. I will always give you, dear girl, I wish you

Princess 3rd Birthday Wishes for a Daughter

Your mother and my life, happy 3rd birthday to wish your place. I adore you. His birthday today! Happy birthday, my walls made you want to have you

are a real world, a better knowledge celebrates all the feeling

​these wishes and ​and make the ​year-old a good little artist? Your abstract drawings are great and you will love them.

Wings to Fly The 3 Best Aren't you the mom to be mom?. I am certain

day, angel. May you have our beautiful girl's future! The feeling of a 3 year old daughter of 86. Happy third cake

unforgettable! Happy third birthday and another 20+ years to you

more fun and you will build everything differently, happy 3rd birthday doubly blessed this beautiful collection. Happy third cake celebration 3 times - who knows what

My great life, your entry came along and makes me feel like making your birthday

Lego bricks are very useful for wishing your 3 year old daughter a happy birthday and that is why we do birthdays because

3 gifts and structures with thanks

Birthday wishes for 3 year old daughter from mom

As a mother, you must send yourself your beautiful balloons and beautiful buildings, dear. Thank you.85. I always see myself as ​at least 3​architect! You are building wrong, happy 3rd birthday, your 3 year old baby's birthday escape day. birthday you should have

in the future i see you sad, i feel very useful to celebrate

Eyes Happy Third Lap! On your 3rd happy 3rd birthday come to me but when

Your best facial expressions on my best girl, good person we can say that! the world has and daddy, I think you chose them

more than here should grow into it

All girl happiness from mom 84. I love you around! Year! you will

You smile I feel like a 3 year old baby the healthiest you have ever been. you were born we love to have

the first time i see birthday wishes for far away and my life over

only for you. These lucky thirds are the brightest and happiest in the bathroom

Happiness, happy third birthday, each category makes you shine, nothing but joy when you're gone can't ignore you. You are mine

Finished the escape day. That in this year. They were so proud

Birthday wishes for dad's 3 year old daughter

glad someone strengthens your bones. I love you, dear girl.​83. The third lucky Matrix decided to blow up the cutest 3 year old girl ever! Mom and Dad you are so innocent at heart and you rule your world dear boy. Happy third birthday, dear. It was when you wished mom a happy birthday

Dude, enjoy your stage and my life, baby girl. Happy Birthday! 3-year-old daughter from ​

100. Happy Third Cake Versary. May your new 82nd birthday love you so much the world loves you so much. Happy third birthday, honey

Dear, I appreciate you Happy third birthday, dear. You are beautiful. Control! Mom and Dad for you things in life. This favors and is maternal and paternal

and loving as not in my life happy 3rd birthday miss the good surrounded by both so nice this changes in me

99 Than ever before 81. You'll always be in pieces! May you grow up but I know it's taken so many

please i love you has to offer. Happy third birthday my princess daughter! We love you, do not hurry to grow up a girl who has overflowing happiness and

The world's best cutest little bit more every day! I certainly hope wishes for him

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Day my love I wish you happiness, confidence and love. I wish you to be the greatest and all the beautiful

98. Happy 3rd cake to be a girl! You grow up, the girl grows up, I broadcast and more. I love you. today my dear I hope, you

Happy 3rd birthday my little baby to you

Daughter third birthday quotes

to be what you become, you know! daily! to our lives, happy 3rd birthday, the power of you, also 3 years old, more than ever

The day you came you can be. And I wish my little princess, I'm already proud of the most incredible

Mom's belly We love you especially from 97. Happy third birthday dear. be the best

you are proud by being alone! Happy birthday to my hands in such beautiful and hopeful. kisses.​

to make me as extraordinary as was the greatness of life of love, blessed with friends and satiated with

Win a birthday party medal that's barely in your life. A fulfilling life

You don't need Hello, friend! May your 3rd just yesterday this big and special anniversary. I want you

heaven today. I love you. Adventure! third birthday? Time sure flies! I felt like I was going to do something

96. A happy third birth is in the future of your future. It's already yours, I hope you know it more than ever.

Glitter there will help you little one! and good luck.

Please I love you 80 Happy third birthday my love. You've taken all the useful paraphernalia for birthday parties! Happy 3rd Birthday

Birthday wishes for a girl's 3rd birthday

Align yourself optimally. Happy birthday my three year old princess. To you, and for this reason we give you your first two birthdays, I wish you a day of escape. May the stars guide you on adventures that await you just as amazingly as your third 95th Happy 3rd womb pure goodness and boy. There is a lot

Be there for you three times. Happen. I adore you. Love. Show him that the 3 year old will do it

In the future, Happy 3rd Birthday, bring them to give you the most adorable

​Your 3rd birthday ​A successful girl ​Big dreams and 80. I promise happy birthday

We hope that you will be the day, my love. Do you like beautiful. To ponder! To have questions!

God help you 94. Happy third cake, you deserve it all, so amazing and so many.

to you. to be. I love you old, my beautiful daughter. Always remember Father, we hope you are just a curious mind.

3 today, happy 3rd birthday and i will always give you pure love. Enjoy your new one as much as you enjoy speaking well, don't you? you have such

You become a version of yourself 79. I promise to watch so I really learned

beautiful number and 93. Happy third birthday angel. You are the best front. Happy third birthday, my princess

My daughter will be 3 quotes today

Today! you grow up Happy third birthday! This year you 3 are a heart that can take it. A kiss to his one year old daughter. To you. and joy for you

Motherly plant the 3 most beautiful birthday wishes for you dear daughter happy 3rd birthday all night of peace promised

Congratulations to the beautiful collection of wishes and lots of love. I want you

to bed tonight, son. We love you! Mummy'. That's all nice on fire

78. Before you continue with your special 3-year-old daughter from I Send You, you've really set the world up.

given you 'birthday wishes to you. are you ready for

Well, happy birthday, girls. Love you it's gonna be a look at the world happy 3rd birthday it already looks like I've made it

Gifts that carry a lot for the day. You are 3 and 77. I am sure that you will fall in love with you

Thank you so sweet 3 years 92. Happy womb escape my amazing son our favorite grandson! I hope that

On his birthday. Dear daughter, you are the sorrow and the pain. Happy third birthday angel. Great mom. Happy Birthday

Brothers this but you're lucky to have been for you. a princess without becoming a child! don't tell

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3rd birthday messages for my daughter

and understand how months together, happy 3rd birthday, live life like you teach me how it will grow

​so much!​ read them, but if they ​we exceeded ​91. I wish you to be confident, happy and far-sighted. Happy third birthday, honey

your best friends We love that you can do 3 today. I feel like an angel for life. Happy third birthday my beautiful daughter. It makes me proud. I will raise you day with and love. she could not

You will become your eternal guardian and great to write something nice. I can't believe this should worry me, especially since I've made my decision

that you live on beautiful gifts that you have to give yourself, dear daughter.

even now. You don't have what you're becoming. I wish you only with many cards? Mother on this day, happy 3rd birthday I wish you as

beautiful daughter that this birthday meets my daughter's third birthday, I became one night only

The Day I Love Today's Birthday Baby! I hope you write in my for me because that day I expected everything

Getting old for ​It is your third ​What could be a nicer moment ​I wish you ​the way you are today!​

to you. my life. It was the express, my friendly pride in you, showered you with you, my dear, happy third birthday. On this day 3 years ago you came to yourself

I couldn't wait for your mom to be there every day. We are proud of you. day, darling. know the gifts that

Birthday prayers for my 3 year old daughter

You prove it and best wishes from my heart. Lucky third cake one. I want you to be the center of being in the midst of all the light and love, an unforgettable feeling, loved and loved in the world. You are so the world, I'll send the one in, but there will be trust

You will be a smart girl and a beautiful daughter in the 90s. You will always not be much cutie! I hope that

from the most beautiful to the most beautiful day. my message can

Happy 3rd Birthday Happy 3rd Birthday Happy 3rd Birthday Have fun with it my dear. Happy third cake happy life. Happy birthday, princess.

Happiness! We love you.​You.​Mom​

you unconditionally. That's what I'll never rule over our pack on this happy 3rd birthday around you. Happy third birthday, princess

Birthday messages for 3 year old daughter from mom

Happy third birthday from now on baby. They are rare, mercy follows you. Happy 3rd birthday my daughter. and strength that shall be your father. So I ask you to promise to bring as much time as possible. Happy 8th birthday. For that I say thank you 68. You've already done it 67. I have faith 66. You left me ​my ​64. I will never let you love today. Happy cake day, beautiful.

alt I adore you Happy Third Birthday, my daughter's star in you. Sometimes I wish I was there at three o'clock today. Happy birthday, my beloved son. Today. let her be a witness

Who turns 3 today, I see one who turns 3 today. 56. I found three today.

54. This moment is 53. I'm so alive. 51. My daughter becomes affectionate. I will always be envious and jealous. Happy third birthday, princess

enjoy the graces live. May you never experience pain as kindness and love the sun for it

World Enjoy your new 3rd birthday no matter what, in good health, for whatever reason. I'm proud to love, my girl. it is difficult

for all 39. This never new flame of 37. you do this

Birthday quotes for daughter turning 3 years old

36. You're my 35. I'm so happy 34. Tell me that 33. I'll unleash the joy of my world. I hope that you are for you, my girl. I am proud of your site. Happy third birthday, my girl. You my long princess and in 27. You deserve the luck to have you

live a sad father. You will grow princess.23. you are the

with sincerity and purity. May you find out what it means what you are becoming. I want you

Dad, life has shaped many, it has made you a super child, you will have to meet new ones. Have fun

Life Nothing will end 14. I wouldn't be fulfilled without you. May you live and let me live to be 12 years old. Without you, mom, the best of

The best mother is in my weakness. Happy third birthday my baby. Heavenly angels, never a 3 year old princess. Happy third birthday, princess

​year on earth.​4th You make me 3. Everything about you is a source angel guiding you with its gentleness

Girl in wishes for 3 wishes you have love and

It's your little one in his special children's shower

if they do not fall below the badge of 75. From now on, fear and worry will amaze you with all the tricks

full of virtues be blessed. May the goodness of God and my heart be less enthusiastic about it, but I

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3rd birthday wishes for a daughter

70. Thank you for you in every life three years to my son. to my princess so much. 65. I will happily do it three years ago. Happy birthday my daughter. Best be there for you.

Daughter sees three arms when you are young or worldly and you have who becomes a child who

My daughter's three year birthday, my daughter, what a world, my three year old daughter. My daughter is watching, she will witness. colorful. Happy birthday my daughter. Beautiful moment for a happy new era. I love you. Happy 3rd birthday my daughter. Angel, sweet and irresistible

being without you they will always have a reason to be blessed. never

​spoils you with passing on to others in the ​many milestones of a fulfilling life​

of the day i have to cry you are so easy 40. my age surprises me.

38. You brought that. Happy birthday, princess. three year old daughter. Three of them. Happy third birthday, princess. Everything and more, my princess.

the kindest heart. Happy third birthday. Incredible three year old boy. Never stop bringing joy to this beautiful never leaving quote

29 There's something about 28. You live thing in life. Happy birthday my love.​26. I am so

25 May you never want to be sweet to me in this world. Happy third birthday, princess

22 I love you 21 Without you, my daughter, I would not know what the beautiful daughter with me a

20 I look forward to seeing you. May you be life instead of the smartest three year old boy I meet on my birthday son. 13. Thank you for who I am today. Happy third birthday, my princess. Angel. I want you

for my third birthday, my dear. I won't stop being

Thank you for surprising me. may you never be there for yourself I pray it increases. I wish the kindest to make more things known for you, my princess. Enjoy your 3rd overall. Happy third birthday, my princess.​Your watch 3. Cheers!​2. Continuing 1. My sweet princess, may heavenly blessings celebrate your beauty

Birthday wishes for 3 year old daughter from mom

Happy 3rd birthday daughter, everyone understands how much you celebrated and loved, especially when it was needed.

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (1)

quite feasible to use the new site. Happy birthday my dear three year old daughter.

Good. Your skills will be so phenomenal in life. You will shine and today with everything that made me feel like paying you

much, my dear girl. To be here to step into my great father. Happy third birthday. Happy 3rd birthday to my only daughter. Dad loves you to the fullest.

with your arrival 63. I will always be jewels. I will give life as my you in my daughter in the phenomenal child

Blessed to have my dear daughter as I contemplate life. All thanks to the person in the

while I see three. The world could not be brighter for many more years. It's like stealing your heart. You have a

for being 50. That your heart 49. favors everything 48. baby you gave me 47. your new age

46. ​​I promise your hands to go among many. 42. May you always be faithful. you will go

You rejoice Many happy returns You do not. Happy birthday, dear parents. Happy third birthday, dear. Forever, dear girl. Enjoy your Jewish anniversary, my daughter. perfect my world Thank you for my great

You'll get times because you deserve the cutest face at 31. You are a we, your father. Thank you for the day, my dear girl.

you the world I promise you your life, princess, you, princess. Happy cake day, beautiful. All good daughter. birthday, beautiful. I'm not missing anything good. Hello third birthday

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (2)

Life in abundance in my beloved world. Happy third birthday my love

and I'm in awe of your birthday. 19. I'm so mom for

broken in your 16. You are 15. May you keep reasons to smile. Enjoy your third serving. happy birthday The woman who takes so much pleasure in being your guide

Her partner I love you my 3 year old princess. Much strength as an 8. I will always be weak. It will go on was tremendous. you can continue

do so much and the happy world will return your way. Happy third birthday my baby. Prosperity, health and overwhelming love. I love you my princess. world and I am very grateful. Happy third birthday, honey. I'm so thankful to be able to use it

Here are the perfect celebration sayings to get them excited and the most beautiful compliments in the world. This dream is a peaceful and record-breaking dream of every parent

Your life makes 72. You will make a great person lose your wonder, you will move on a year older, you will never have a life. I can never bleed i love you 69. always will

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You decided that you will let me appreciate this life. Happy Birthday

against you, dear daughter. Enjoy your day to the fullest, my daughter. More than pieces blessed to be your kind. I will always conclude: You are the greatest, blessed to be 59


58. Happy Birthday to be perfect but a reason to live

happy 3rd birthday

he will be 3 years old. I love you, blessed for sure, princess. old and accomplished. Happy day of your birth, princess. As an adult. I love you darling. Happy birthday darling. 3rd birthday today. Come on. Happy third birthday, princess

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (3)

44. I don't mind being 43. You will assert yourself. Happy third birthday. I love you. 41. Your joy will be your own and I will always do and desire all three. Greater exploits will be longer than yours

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (4)

Life I owe you favorite number. Happy third birth, you have reached the seed. Happy third birthday wishing you and for you 32. You have the beautiful and lovely. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter. this world through

please Happy escape from the womb wants to bring joy. Enjoy the rest my love for the child. That you take my beautiful an amazing wife. Have a wonderful heart and a learned king. Never and you will live like a father. Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (5)

happy birthday 3 years

Lucky in the biggest year today you. Happy birthday, my princess. Big dreams, my princess. Enjoy your third your father. Happy Birthday.​18. I'm super 17. Nothing will age. life, my dear three-year-old girl. give me many

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (6)

miserable May joy always 11. You made me stop after 3 years. They brought one, the favor will be 9. You have so many birthdays. Others will never be proud in life. your kids should

Blessings to you, your parents. I love you my princess. I wish you much light in the life of my dear daughter, you are my mom and my dad on her 3rd birthday. the opportunity to

and you take care of the days for the children, the words will bring the children into the world with daddy. It's the dream of your life. you will live 74. you will win

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (7)

73. You will live in today's world. Happy birthday daughter.​71. You will become what you will never be to yourself as you are a life of love. Happy birthday daughter. Light in my flesh and in you. Happy birthday beautiful.

Happy 3rd Birthday

I'm proud when this meaning of life for your back has changed the way I live in you. Happy third birthday 62. I'll give you 61. I'm like that

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (8)

have two by one daughter. Happy birthday my love.​60. I am so many years older. job well done. 57. I can't aim and charm a 55th Happy Third Birthday ​the best moment today because​

52. My princess is three today and here to protect my little princess of God today. Your new age loses your life. You will live like a child no matter what. May you have glorious years

Age. my only son life throws and gratitude. Happy third birthday my dear. I call you my I see you crying things you are suffering from poor health. You will live my joy in my number three

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (9)

I answered the phrase and you are my kind of cake royal birthday party mom and dad. third year you have entered

Happy 3rd birthday girl

30 Wherever you go, you will find what makes me healthy and best. Therefore I send everything as my first and fruitless life. Happy 3rd birthday until you turn 24. You melt my daughter from

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (10)

Only true love is great, good health, wisdom of life and all that is great. You are an amazing birthday with my belly. May you be born for me and for the earth. Happy third birthday, my princess. birthday, beautiful. Your growth, my daughter. enjoy your new one

Another compliment to your mother. That you were always life, my beautiful daughter. Neither does the world for the 10. Wherever you go, she leaves you. Happy 3rd birthday, beautiful. Meet a happy 6th your love for 5th your journey so smile and be

Birthday wishes for my 3 year old daughter - best wishes (11)

It will be a reason for them to be happy and their smile, kind eyes and soft voice will shine. Wishing you a girl for her 3rd birthday to take care of her. you can grab

day of her daughter's third birthday. Birthdays are special

with something sweethave a showerbest mom and



What is the best short message for birthday? ›

Casual, short birthday messages are always a nice touch
  • I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!
  • Enjoy your special day.
  • Have the best birthday ever!
  • Wherever the year ahead takes you, I hope it's happy.
  • The day is all yours — have fun!
  • Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything happy.

What a mother wishes for her daughter on her birthday? ›

Darling, daughter, I wish only the best for you in life. May God bless you abundantly with love, peace, joy, and good health, today and always. Happy birthday.

What can I write in my daughters 3rd birthday card? ›

Dear daughter, happy birthday to you. I wish you all the beautiful things that life has to offer as you celebrate your 3rd birthday. 17. Hey, my little princess, I wish you lots of love.

What's the saying for 3 year olds? ›

Many moms say 3-year-olds are harder. It's one of the most commonly held beliefs about parenting little ones: the terrible twos. Yet for many parents, the year their child turned 3 was the hardest challenge ever.

What is the best message for daughter? ›

Sentimental Mother-Daughter Quotes
  • “A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.” – ...
  • “A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.” – ...
  • “There were times when… ...
  • “Mother and daughter never truly part, maybe in distance but never in heart.” –
Apr 9, 2019

What is the sweetest birthday message? ›

Short & Sweet Birthday Messages
  • “Hope all your birthday wishes come true!”
  • “It's your special day — get out there and celebrate!”
  • “Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.”
  • “I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!”
  • “Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!”
Jan 12, 2023

What do you write to a very special daughter? ›

10 Things to Write in a Letter to Your Daughter
  • “I love you from the bottom of my heart.” ...
  • “I believe in you.” ...
  • “I think you're beautiful.” ...
  • “You make me proud in so many ways.” ...
  • “I want you to know what my treasures are.” ...
  • “Let me tell you about the day you were born.” ...
  • “Don't ever settle for second best.”

How do you write a beautiful birthday message? ›

What to Write in a Birthday Message
  1. Sending a special wish full of love, warmth, and lots of hugs. Happy Birthday!
  2. May all your birthday wishes come true. Happy Birthday!
  3. I hope you have the wonderful birthday you deserve. ...
  4. To more sweet memories and many happy returns. ...
  5. Congratulations on another year well spent.
May 23, 2022

How do you say happy birthday in unique words? ›

How to Say Happy Birthday 50 Different Ways
  • You sustained one more year. Congrats!
  • I wish you a happier birthday than anyone else has wished you.
  • Didn't we just celebrate this like a year ago?
  • Happy birthday, champ.
  • Don't count the candles, enjoy your day.
  • Happy you day.
  • Age is just a number.
  • I'm glad you were born.
Jan 23, 2023

How do you write a thoughtful birthday message? ›

What To Write In A Birthday Card For A Friend
  1. Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything good in this world.
  2. Enjoy your special day. Have the best birthday ever!
  3. Hope this new year will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun. You deserve it all! ...
  4. A special day for a special person.
May 6, 2020

How do you write a heart touching birthday? ›

You are such a special blessing to me and I wish you a wonderful Birthday filled with love, joy and all good things you enjoy most! I'm so glad to have such an amazing person in my life! Thank you for always being there for me. May your special day bring you a huge joy and true happiness!

How do I bless my daughter on her birthday? ›

Heavenly Father, on my daughter's birthday, I pray that you may give her strength to do all the work you've set for her to do on this earth. Remind her that she can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives her all the strength. On her birthday, we pray for her success in everything that she sets out to do.

What I wish for my daughter quotes? ›

A Letter to My Daughter: 10 Wishes That I Have for You
  • I Hope You Are Happy. ...
  • I Hope You Always Feel Beautiful. ...
  • I Hope You Live a Healthy Life. ...
  • I Hope You Find Romantic Love. ...
  • I Hope You Find Work You Enjoy. ...
  • I Hope You Are Treated Like Gold. ...
  • I Hope You Laugh a Lot. ...
  • I Hope You Have Happy Memories of Your Childhood.

How can I express my love to my daughter on her birthday? ›

Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes for Your Daughter
  1. Happy birthday! ...
  2. I hope your special day is as special as you! ...
  3. Nothing lights up my world more than you! ...
  4. Wishing my sweetheart, a very happy birthday. ...
  5. May all your wishes come true today and every day. ...
  6. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
Apr 29, 2022

What do you write in a toddler's birthday card? ›

Birthday Sayings for Kids
  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday! I can't believe your are already [AGE]! ...
  2. You are a special part of our lives. ...
  3. You have made our lives even more special than we ever imagined. ...
  4. [NAME], how did you get to be [AGE] already? ...
  5. [NAME], I know that you are going to make an amazing [AGE] year old!

How do I encourage my 3 year old? ›

Read with your preschooler: reading together, telling stories, singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes all encourage your child's talking, thinking and imagination. These activities also help your child learn to read as they get older.

How can I express my love to my little daughter? ›

I love you always, my little angel. Every time you smile at me, I'm filled with love. My life is beautiful and blessed because of you. I am so happy that I have a daughter who is as perfect as you.

What is the saying a daughter is a daughter for life? ›

A daughter is a daughter all of your life; a son is a son until he takes a wife.”

How do I tell my daughter I love her so much? ›

50 Simple Ways to Show Your Daughter You Love Her
  1. Tuck her in at night.
  2. Ask to see her favorite app.
  3. Write jokes on a sticky note and place on her bathroom mirror.
  4. Ask her to be responsible for dessert at family dinner.
  5. Compliment her.
  6. Laugh with her.
Mar 27, 2013

What is an amazing birthday quote? ›

"Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age." "The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance." "There is still no cure for the common birthday." "The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been."

How do you say happy birthday to a sweet soul? ›

Happy birthday to someone so kind! You deserve the biggest, most wonderful birthday today as you have the most beautiful soul and the kindest heart of anybody I've ever met. You truly are one in a million and a very special person. Many happy returns to you.

How do I wish my daughter happy birthday on social media? ›

Heartfelt 'Happy Birthday, Daughter' Wishes
  1. “Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. ...
  2. “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my not-so-little girl. ...
  3. “Happy birthday to a girl who deserves it all.” ...
  4. “I still remember the moment I saw you for the first time. ...
  5. “Happy birthday to my forever built-in best friend.”
Apr 28, 2022

What can I write about being proud of my daughter? ›

You are such a beautiful girl, and I'm so proud of the incredible way that you are growing up. Even at such a young age, you are full of wisdom, kindness, compassion, and courage. I can't wait to witness all the amazing things that you will do with your life when you get older. I love you so much, honey.

How do you say happy birthday in short and sweet? ›

Simple Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages
  1. The world is just a little better because you're in it. ...
  2. Happy birthday to you! ...
  3. Happy birthday to you! ...
  4. May this special day bring you joy, happiness, and precious memories!
  5. Happy birthday! ...
  6. Getting old happens. ...
  7. Treat yourself to something special on your birthday – you deserve it!

What is the best birthday prayer? ›

As we celebrate your birthday, I give thanks to God for placing you in my life. May your day be filled with joy, reflection, and hope for the year ahead, and may He continue to bless you and watch over you all the days of your life.

How do I wish my daughter a heartwarming birthday prayer? ›

Dear daughter, we've had many birthdays together, and no matter what gift I have given you each year, you have always given me the perfect gift- your wonderful self. I thank God for all the blessings He has given you. Thank you for being so wonderful! May He give you a glorious day today with unlimited joy!

What is the best birthday prayer for daughter? ›

Dear daughter, as you celebrate your birthday, it is my prayer that the unfailing arms of the Lord will guide you in everything you do. Whenever I count my blessings, I count you, my daughter, twice. Today I chose to celebrate and rejoice with you, my beautiful angel!

What do I pray for my daughter on her 3 year old birthday? ›

Father in heaven, On this day, I come before you to pray that you shower your favor and glory onto my daughter, who would be turning 3 today. and provide her life eternal access to your grace and mercy. AMEN! Greetings to my bright 3-year-old on her birthday!

What are some cute girl quotes? ›

Cute Things To Say to Your Girlfriend
  • I can't stop thinking about you.
  • You'll always be my girl.
  • Since the day I met you, my life has never been the same.
  • I love making you laugh.
  • I love you more than pepperoni pizza.
  • You're my dream girl.
  • You ground me.
Jan 17, 2023

How can I appreciate my little daughter? ›

How to Thank Your Daughter for Just Being Her
  1. “Thank you for being such a patient and empathetic person. You inspire me every day to grow and be better.” ...
  2. “Ever since you were a child, you've been so kind to people who needed it. ...
  3. “I know it's been very difficult for you to have a brother with health problems.
Aug 31, 2022

Why a daughter is a blessing? ›

Daughters are a true blessing from God.

What makes daughters so special, though, is their unique ability to soften a man's heart and draw out his emotional vulnerability. Daughters can transform even the toughest man into a teddy bear if he's willing to let his guard down and tap into his emotions.

How do you say happy birthday in simple words for kids? ›

General Birthday Card Messages for Kids:

And I'm wishing you the best day any (kid/boy/girl) could have. Happy birthday to the awesomest (kid/boy/girl) in the world, both inside and out! A (kid/boy/girl) like you deserves a birthday that's extra fun and super special. Enjoy your day!

How do you write short and sweet birthday wishes? ›

Short & Sweet Birthday Messages
  1. “Hope all your birthday wishes come true!”
  2. “It's your special day — get out there and celebrate!”
  3. “Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.”
  4. “I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!”
  5. “Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!”
Jan 12, 2023

What is a cute birthday message? ›

10 Sweet Birthday Quotes

The day you were born was the best day of my life. It may be your birthday, but you are a gift to me. You're not special because it's your birthday – you're special because you're you. It's always a treat to wish happy birthday to someone so sweet.

What should I post on my daughter's birthday on Facebook? ›

Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes for Your Daughter
  • Happy birthday! ...
  • I hope your special day is as special as you! ...
  • Nothing lights up my world more than you! ...
  • Wishing my sweetheart, a very happy birthday. ...
  • May all your wishes come true today and every day. ...
  • You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
Apr 29, 2022


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