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The peaceful Astrofel family was turned upside down overnight.

This is because an unprecedented event has occurred.

It all started with an unknown source of mystery.

When I said it looked absurdly small and quite short, the little bird hatched and disappeared.

The cause of the incident has yet to be determined.

Baon, who was in charge of managing the eggs, broke into a cold sweat.

"Won't someone feed the newborn masters?"

"Rather, you should want to be thrown away as your meal."

"Took my tongue out."

Baon immediately corrected himself and backed away. This is because his opponent is in front of him.

Astrophel falls.

He was the head of the Astrofel family, which led the tribe.

Cade, the chief of a tribe born with the most powerful might in the modern world and a cruel and violent nature to match.

The Atmosphere with its unique and dangerous energy and red eyes with black hair were all symbols of the Astrofel family.

It wouldn't be thrown away like food, but Baon coughed in vain, knowing he couldn't pick up his bones if he wasn't obedient.

"We checked her guardian for pheromones, but there was no sign of them."

"Is it deserted?"

"There is a possibility. Unless …"

Maybe the educator can no longer take care of the baby.

However, it wasn't good news for a newborn baby bird.

It's like having nowhere to go.

"Their slow growth has been attributed to malabsorption of pheromones."


"What would you like to do?"

Baon asked for the bird to be removed.

Cade looked in the basket on the desk.

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Although they talked about it, a little bird, hiding its beak in its wings, rolled its body in circles and fell asleep, not knowing three things.

There was no peace in the world.

He doesn't even know what awaits him in the future.

The lack of a guardian for a newborn baby meant death.

At least if found in another family, they could protect her into adulthood, but here it was not protected.

The Astrofel family did not welcome the weak who strictly adhere to the wild rules of the jungle.

"Let him out of my territory in time and come back."

"I get it."

Baon raised the basket to do his bidding, with an expression of knowing that he would.

At the same time, a small head emerged from the basket.


The bird woke up.

It was just waking up and tilting its head as if trying to figure out what was going on.

The fat little wings flapped loosely, as if they hadn't quite moved yet.

Shortly after, he was surprised to see his wings and didn't know what to do.

The gaze narrowed Cade's forehead.

"You've got a small egg, so you must have a little head problem."

🇧🇷 But you are very cute.


"Are you sure you want to throw it away?"

At that moment, surprisingly, the bird stopped moving.

Seemed to understand what they were saying.

It wouldn't be strange if the baby bird was born a snake, but it was amazing because it was a baby bird.

But it didn't look like it could pick up pheromones in her egg.

Because it could understand the language of the tribe to some extent.

Baon's eyes sparkled interestingly.

"Then I throw it away."

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"Your orders, my lord.

"Up Up!"

His eyes were fixed on the little bird, and Baon spoke as if reading a book in Korean.

Each time, the little bird flapped its wings passionately.

Baon looked at the little bird again.

as expected.

The faintly sensed pheromones were surprisingly smeared with Cades.

"I smell your pheromones."

"I know."

“…But do you really want to throw it away? It will be torn to pieces as soon as it is expelled from our territory.

"You don't mean you want to raise him in my family, do you?"

The only dark pheromones all glowed.

Baon took a step back with a worried look on his face at the horrible smell of poison.

"Up Up…"

The little bird trembled at Cade's pheromones.

Entering the quilt and crying in fear, he hesitated and collected pheromones.

"Up to the top."

Looking around for someone with tears in his eyes, Cade touched his forehead.

It was a well-known fact that when a baby bird followed the person delivering the pheromones, they were automatically their guardians.

When his eyes caught the little bird that was scared and yelling for him, Cade frowned and waved his hands.

"Do what you want, Baon."

<b>* * *</b>

What is it?

I still can't believe this happened to me.

am i dreaming now

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As much as I thought about it, I couldn't remember anything. However, I bowed my head to the situation, which remained the same.

how do i live

Originally I lived alone in a small area in the East.

I didn't know who I was. All I knew was that I could walk on all fours and had a tail.

Because nobody told me who I am. It was the result of the lack of a tutor.

It was not uncommon for a young woman in the East to live alone.

Since strong families fought bitterly against each other, bloodbaths broke out again and again in the East.

The last memory I have of my life is of being hunted by a wild beast.

I thought I wouldn't survive but I can't believe I'm alive, breathing.

When I opened my eyes, I also saw myself as a bird.

it's a bird

i am a bird

I was still in shock and tried to cover my eyes, but I saw a small, chubby wing.


Not this one!

I shook my head round and round. It was so small that at first it was impossible, but I saw a grand piano everywhere I looked.

I rubbed my face in this fire to escape from reality.

I nearly lost my head for a moment at the gentle touch of my wing, but I regained consciousness.

What happens all of a sudden?

I looked around nervously. Nothing explained to me what had happened.

Besides that…

No matter what happens, "I" is ignored.


I sighed and lay down.

I've been through so much in just a few moments. I just woke up and I'm already exhausted.


I felt in a swinging basket and saw a man named Baon.

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Where is he leading me?

You're not really going to throw me out of this area, are you?

I couldn't survive with this body alone.

I have to be alone again right after the birth. i feel depressed

I think I'm alone again in this life. I must have felt Baon's clear blue eyes gleam as ours met.

"Why are you looking like that?"

"High high high."

"I don't know what you're saying."

"More and more. Jump up!"

"If word gets out that there's a bird here, maybe someone will come and eat it. Like a snake or something..."

Happiness. I covered my mouth with my short wings.

Wincing and looking around, Baon pressed his face closer to the basket.

"It is fascinating. As you can understand what I'm saying.

The pupils of his blue eyes were narrowed vertically.

I shut my eyes tight. Oh dear God. It must be a real snake.

I'm a bird but I think Baon is a snake.

A snake was known to be a natural enemy for a bird, so my hair stood on end.

"It was a joke."

"Up up up...?"

"You wouldn't even satisfy their hunger."

Baon said refreshingly. I rubbed my chest in relief.

Being a bird really felt like everything was being assimilated.

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Now I have to worry about being eaten by snakes once I'm born. How miserable.

I looked at the bottom of the basket and Baon stopped.

“We will stay here. I'm sure it's ok because my Lord gave me permission.

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