Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (2023)

At the gala, Summer sobs and cries as Nick and Kyle hold her. Chance reiterates, "Phyllis is gone." He reports that the driver swerved to avoid a deer and confirmed that there were no survivors.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (1)

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Daniel's jaw drops, "So he's really gone." Danny pulls his son into his arms.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (3)

Chance asks Sharon if she's okay. She cries and says, "It's too much." It reminds her of the night Rey died too, but she can handle it and now she's just worried about Phyllis's family.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (4)

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Diane tells Jack that, despite everything, she hoped that Phyllis had survived for the sake of her children. Jack declares, "This is awful." Jeremy steps forward to confront Diane and tells her to stop pretending to be upset, "This is exactly what you wanted to happen."

At the Society bar, Victoria tells Tucker that if he sells McCall Unlimited to Newman, he will have the freedom to go where he wants and do what he wants. Tucker says freedom is a state of mind. Victoria suggests that he could go back to racing cars. He's a little above that. Victoria says that she could woo Ashley with some rare emeralds. She admits that she is impatient and wants to put her cards on the table. "What do you want? What can I offer you that you won't reject?"
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (5)

At Devon's house, he and Abby make out after sex and he gives them a drink. He asks what she's thinking. Abby says she wonders if she could call this place home and smiles.

At the gala, Jack rages at Stark and yells that everyone in this room is devastated over Phyllis's death, "With the likely exception of you!" He tells Jeremy to leave, but the criminal declares that he will not leave until he has more information about what happened to his wife. Kyle decides he needs to get Summer out of there. Nick tells his daughter that he is just a phone call away and that he loves her. As they leave, Diane tells Summer that she is sorry. Summer turns and looks at Kyle as she hugs her mother.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (6)

At Society, Tucker asks Victoria why McCall Unlimited is so attractive to her. "It's a bankrupt company saddled with debt." You wonder if the effort has nothing to do with your company and everything to do with it.

At Devon's, he and Abby discuss what Chance's reaction would be if he moved there. She is sure that it would be very difficult for him. He still feels guilty. So was Devon, but they both did what they could to apologize to the people they hurt. Abby says that one thing Chance was right about is that her feelings for him were always more complicated than friendship. Devon doesn't find anything complicated. "I love you."

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At the gala, Jeremy is unwilling to take Chance's word about Phyllis's death. He arrested you for theft knowing it was a setup! He wants the detective to find out what happened before his wife's death. She was mugged, had her life threatened and passed out in front of a room full of witnesses. "Find me some answers!" Stark pulls away to get some air. Daniel then approaches Chance and says, "None of this is making sense." Something is wrong and you can feel it in your gut.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (7)

(Video) Devastating News !! Chance delivers devastating news about Phyllis

Chance finds the EMT in the lobby and asks where he has stored Phyllis's blood. The man tells him it was in a metal container per protocol. They probably took him to the hospital.

In the living room, Sharon is joined by Nick, who says that Summer was devastated and wanted to go home. He is surprised that she stayed. Sharon worries: "Nick, what if I'm responsible for what happened to Phyllis?" After passing out, Lauren said it could have been a side effect of her coma years ago. Nick reassures her and she reflects, "But something caused Phyllis to break down tonight...or someone." They shoot glances at Jeremy and Diane. They wonder if there is a connection to Diane's rivalry with her. They consider Jeremy a terrible person and Nick warns that if Phyllis's death wasn't an accident, he's looking right at Stark.

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In Society, Victoria tells Tucker that some of his divisions are successful and could be a gold mine. He is confident that this venture can be a great success. Tucker is trying to figure out what his definition of success is in this case. Victor wants to pass the company on to the little brother he despises, which doesn't seem like a win for her. Victoria has her own ideas for McCall, and Adam's services won't be needed. Tucker wonders how he plans to hit his father.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (8)

At the gala, Jack doesn't want to leave and tells Diane he can't believe Phyllis is gone. Diane knows that he loved her very much in the past. Jack fears that Stark is targeting Diane. She insists that she didn't mean the threat she made against Phyllis, and says that Jeremy clearly stole the engagement ring and gave it to the redhead, which is why he had it in his hands. Jack remarks that it is Jeremy's word against Diane's and that the only person who knows the truth is Phyllis. He knows his end game is to punish Diane, so he wants to stay there and figure it all out. Diane is moved by Phyllis' last moments attacking them with Summer as a witness. He's going to chase that poor girl.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (9)

Kyle and Summer enter the Abbott house and Ashley asks if Jack is with them. She watches their gaze and asks what's wrong. Summer cries, "My mother is dead." Ashley is stunned.

At Devon's, he details why he loves Abby and they talk about Dom bringing them together. Devon says it reminded him that family always comes first. Surprising him with the homage to Neil put everything into perspective. He and Lily found their way thanks to her. "You were always, always there for me." Devon wants to live there with her and Dom, the three of them.

At the gala, Danny asks Jack if he knows what Chance is working on. Jack is in the dark. Danny is having a hard time accepting that Phyllis is really gone. Jack sighs; he too. “She has been a huge factor in my life for decades.” Danny remembers keeping Daniel away from her years ago because he believed she was toxic. He points out that they recently had a conversation that changed all that and he thought they were going to be friends. Nick joins them and says that Phyllis wouldn't be lost: the three of them were talking about her. Jeremy walks over and accuses them of crying crocodile tears over a woman they've dumped. He reiterates that he's not going anywhere until he gets justice for his wife. Jack suggests that he let the GCPD do its job. Jeremy snarls, "The same GCPD that turned a blind eye when you and Diane tried to frame me for theft?" Jack tells him to shut up or leave. Stark swears he won't let him or Diane get away with what they've done.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (10)

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At Society, Victoria tells Tucker that she has a lifetime of practice dealing with her father and that she is the CEO of Newman, so she can handle it however she sees fit. Tucker doesn't think the conflict it would create is worth it. Victoria agrees. It might not make sense for her to try to acquire McCall.

At the Abbott house, Ashley tells Summer that she is sorry about her mother and assures her that everyone will be there for her. She can't get over it as Phyllis had more life in her than anyone she knows. They weren't friends, but they had something in common over the last few months. Ashley tells Summer that her mother wasn't afraid and everything she did was to protect the people she loved-Summer was at the top of that list. You meant everything to her. Summer cries because she wasn't always the best daughter. Ashley tells her that the bad things don't matter... all that matters is the love Phyllis had for her.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (11)

At GCAC, Chance tells his officer that they need to keep quiet about the blood sample that could reveal why Phyllis passed out; maybe they are investigating more than one accident.

At Devon's, he tells Abby that he knows they should consider Chance. You are concerned that this might affect your visiting plans. She cheated on her husband and ruined her whole life, "Moving on so fast..." It happened so fast. Devon wonders if finding true happiness can happen too quickly. Abby worries about how people will see her. Devon doesn't want her to do anything that makes her uncomfortable, having just learned that life isn't promised to them. "I don't want to stop being happy with what some people think about my choices." What they've done is in the past and he's ready to seize the future, "And that future is you, me and Dominic." He tries again. "Will you move in with me?"

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At the gala, Sharon sits down with Daniel to talk about how Phyllis's death doesn't seem real. Sharon assures him it's a normal reaction. Daniel says none of this makes sense. Does he know what his mother thought of Stark, and now he's supposed to believe they got married? "What's with the way you passed out and fell to the ground, and your ambulance just had this freak accident?" Suddenly he apologizes. The road accident reminds him of Cassie. Sharon remembers feeling the same way she does now, "like nothing feels real". She reminds him that sometimes really bad things happen for no good reason. Daniel tells Sharon about the last conversation he had with his mother. She hopes that in time it will bring her some peace. Daniel regrets having left her cold. Now you won't have a chance to hit. “The way my mother came to me was wrong. It was like I had a premonition that something bad was going to happen."
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (12)

Elsewhere, Jeremy asks Diane, “How did you do that? How did you kill my wife?!” Diane claims she didn't do anything. Daniel appears and asks Stark how he got his mother to marry him. Did he blackmail her? Daniel yells, "Are you the reason she's dead?" Stark knows he's devastated and is looking for someone to blame. "Let me help you out of that." He says that Phyllis turned on him because everyone else turned their backs on him. "If you want to blame someone for your death, look in the mirror." Daniel lunges at him and Danny intervenes.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (13)

At Devon's house, Abby tells him that she needs a little more time to think. He understands, but he feels it must be uncomfortable living in Chance's family home. Abby worries about Dom's fit. Devon doesn't want to stress the boy. Abby wants to do this right for everyone involved. "I love you too." The one thing she's sure of is that wherever she wants her to be with him, she feels at home.

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At Society, Tucker asks if Victoria has changed her mind about buying his company. Victoria confirms that she is rescinding her offer. He wonders if this is some kind of reverse psychology. Victoria assures him that he was just as persuasive, declaring, "Newman's affair with McCall is officially over."

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At the Abbott house, Summer cries and decides to go upstairs. Kyle tells Ashley that things are going to get a lot worse before she gets better.

At the gala, Daniel attacks Stark: "I know you had something to do with my mother's death and I'm going to make you pay for it!" Nick and Danny restrain Daniel so he can't physically assault Jeremy, who declares that he's looking forward to punishing the culprit(s). Chance appears and Nick asks if he has an update. Chance expresses his condolences and Jeremy responds, “Stop rambling! Do you have any new information?

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Chance has nothing new to report and says it's time for everyone to go home. Stark declares this unacceptable and charges: “There's more you're not telling us. I'm not leaving until you give us the facts. Chance threatens to take him to the police station. Jeremy fumes: "This isn't over yet." Chance tells Daniel that he is truly sorry for his loss and everyone leaves. Jack whispers to Stark, "Daniel isn't the only one you'll have to worry about." Chance tells his officer that they will soon find out if someone was trying to kill Phyllis.
Confrontations erupt when Chance pursues a lead and surprises Victoria Tucker. (14)

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FollowingThe young and the restless: Summer loses her temper with Diane, Chelsea shares words of wisdom with Billy, and Elena gets defensive against Victoria.

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