Monét X Change in which the Drag Race judges are distractingly attractive (2023)

whenSeinfeldaWhen Elaine Benes talked about who deserves a sponge or not, she certainly wasn't thinking about what a Brooklyn drag queen would wear one day on the runway.RuPaul'sDrag Race. This season the 10 DIY dress may have received a lot of ridicule (and inspired a lot of memes), but its creator, Monét X Change, has proven to be such a fierce queen, versatile comedian and generally likable artist that she not only survived. #SpongeGate, but it continues to flourish in the worldDrag Raceand beyond.

After the coronation of ADrag Race All StarsSeason 4 winner Monét X Change toured the world, hosted a podcast, and hosted a recap seriesPit-stop, which her team is submitting for an Emmy Award in the Structured Reality category.

But once a Ru girl, always a Ru girl, and when RuPaul decided to create all-time winnersAll the starsin 2022, Monét X Change was more than happy to return to the Werk Room for another try. "I'm just going to come back and have fun," Monet says of her decision to return. "Why not?"

[Spoilers before episode fourAll the stars7.]This is Monet speakingbillboardsfor everything from getting a platinum piston (which prevents her from getting a legendary star in the next episode, which slows her race to the finale), runningPit-stopseries and if it's hard to concentrate on walking the runway when the guest judge is a fox.

You finally got the platinum piston at the end of this episode with Vivienne. Did you know it was coming?

That awful, awful British whore. [laughs] People say, "Monét, you should have known it was coming." I really didn't know. I tried to play the strategy game Monét/Survivora crossover we didn't know we needed. Viv blocked me but pretended to give it to Jaida [Essence Hall] first, a little trick. So I thought "oh, it's not me" and then I hold it in my hand. I thought, "I can't believe that centuries ago her ancestors colonized America and now she's colonizing my timeDrag Race. It's crazy to me. But no, it's fine. [laugh]

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Earlier in the episode, Jaida mentioned that you were the only contestant other than her who had an asterisk and wasn't eliminated. Do you think that contributed to you being banned?

I think Jaida should keep my name out of her mouth! I think so. Jaida definitely put a little bee in Vivienne's bonnet for me. Okay. I've always been a winner, I've always persevered and this time will be no different.

Is it hard not to get mad at the person giving you a plunger?

Oh yes, you definitely feel it because you don't know what challenge will come next week - it might be something you're extremely good at. On the other hand, we are all so good at many of these challenges. Every week, Roux would tell us, "That was amazing, you did really well and we're splitting the best hairs to find something." But that's part of the game you have to play with.

How does it feel to be in the Werk Room and compete against all the winners as opposed to other seasons you've been through?

It definitely felt different in the room this time. In this, returning like all winners, lightness reigned in the room. It sounds so trivial, but I really felt like a girl who had nothing to prove. I literally came to have fun. People say, "But you want money," and sure. It would be nice to get the crown, but I already have it. Bob [Drag Queen] and mesibling rivalry,and every episode we say, "If I was in this challenge, I would." This feeling never goes away. You always have a little bit of that, so I was in the middle of season 13 and I thought, "I'm going to go back and have fun, why not?"

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During the hostingPit-stopDid you learn anything about yourself other than being a guest or participant on the show?

You get a chance to step back and see the bigger picture, as I assume Ru and the other judges do. You see it from a higher point. There are certain things where I see myself including certain girls. For example, if a girl I know made all her own costumes, I approach it differently in my mind. Watching it week after week, I'm very impressed. For girls who have the creativity to create these decorative things and sew all their outfits, it is really impressive. Even if it's not the best, the fact that you got your hands and created all 12 of these things, I'm impressed with it and rate it a bit on the scale.

When did you watch season 14?Drag RaceI am doingBus stopwas there anything you thought, "Oh, I wish I could have done that"?

This one from Moulin Ru. I love rusalki. My only change is that I would like them to sing live. Correct me if I'm wrong - and I'm sure fans will let me know - but I think season 10 was the last time the queens sang live. those were our live vocals. I would like to do Moulin Ru but sing our live vocals all the time.

I wonder why they stopped doing this. Maybe you were so bad in season 10 that they decided to put up with it.

Probably a girl. You mean Asia [O'Hara]? [sings] "Boom-boom-boom, smash!" They said, "Okay, we're done."

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something was happeningAll the stars7 Where have you really surprised yourself?

I would say Mike Tyson during the Snatch Game. It was a gamble. I thought it could go really well or really badly, and of course it did, but I was nervous about doing it and I was surprised by the result. Honestly, [Tyson's voice], he just wants to fuck their ass.

If you had to be one of two Snatch Game characters, Mike Tyson or Sheneneh Jenkins, for an entire week, who would you choose?

I grew up inSwallowshow, my family watched it all the time. I realize not everyone will recognize this - I don't think Generation Z even knows who Martin Lawrence is - but Sheneneh Jenkins is one of my favorite characters on TV. Honestly, it was one of my first introductions to drag. I would love some Sheneneh Jenkins in my life. They should bring back Sheneneh Jenkins - not Martin Lawrence, but someone else.

When you think of all the seasons you've been through, which one is your favorite?Drag Racedot?

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oh my god naomi smallsAll the stars4. Effects after sending Manila [Luzon] home. She puts her beautiful white teeth into the camera and says, "Life isn't fair." Girl, it sent me to the moon and I love it.

What are you listening to these days?

Two things: "SloMo" Chanel from Eurovision, represented Spain at Eurovision, see the video on YouTube. And "Plan B" by Megan Thee Stallion. I haven't heard rap this hard in a long time. This is so good, her pun is so crazy. Megan Thee Stallion is not only about physical goals, but life goals as well. She's hot, she's fierce. obsessed.

Is walking down the runway distracting when someone very attractive like Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is sitting with the judges?

[laughs] Yes it is. I've had a soft spot for Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman more times than I care to admit. He is very handsome. People who are conventionally beautiful I ask, "Is it bothersome that people are fawning over you?" I will answer this question myself: it is. [laughs] In season 10, we had Kumail Nanjiani, who is very hot. Of course, he's a straight man and he's married to Emily Gordon, but I thought, "How about a break?" It's a bit difficult when you have a very attractive gentleman there.

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How much is Monet exchange worth? ›

Monét X Change – $115,000. Monet X Change won the title of Miss Congeniality on Drag Race season 10, but here's a fun fact: she is the only Miss Congeniality winner since season seven to not receive a cash prize with that title.

Was Monet really singing opera? ›

The fan favourite, who first appeared on the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race before snatching the crown alongside Trinity the Tuck on All Stars 4, shook the internet when she sang opera for her talent show number in the penultimate episode of All Stars 7.

Are Monet and Bob actually related? ›

Monét X Change, Miss Congeniality of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 and winner of AS4 and Bob The Drag Queen, winner of Season 8 (she won the first time) are not actually siblings but they are the intensely hilarious comedy duo with infectious chemistry behind the hit podcast Sibling Rivalry.

How old is Monet Xchange? ›

How much is Trixie cosmetics worth? ›

Trixie Mattel: US$10 million

From launching a music career to starring in TV shows and bagging endorsement deals, Mattel has seen her personal wealth skyrocket to an estimated US$10 million.

Who is the most famous drag queen in the world? ›

Bianca Del Rio

Fans often consider her the best winner in the show's history due to her snarky humour, determination, and talents, which helped her win three maxi challenges on Drag Race. After the show, Bianca began touring in shows and as a solo act, often performing with the famed Lady Bunny.

Did Monet paint himself? ›

In the year 1917, before the Nymphéas were completed, Monet painted three additional self-portraits which he spoke of only hesitantly, perhaps because he saw in them the limits of what he could do at that point in his life and did not believe he could surpass them in the days he had left.

Did Monet inspire Van Gogh? ›

It was the work of the Impressionists, who sought to capture the transient effects of color and light, that encouraged Van Gogh to abandon the sombre palette of his Dutch period canvases and to adopt the rich, vibrant color range of his most celebrated works.

Did Debussy and Monet know each other? ›

Debussy most likely met painter Claude Monet at Mallarmé's salon, too. Monet introduced Debussy to American painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler whose misty paintings, “Nocturnes,” were the source for Debussy's own “Nocturnes For Orchestra.” Parisian salons continued after Mallarmé and Debussy.

Is Bob The Drag Queen poly? ›

Personal life. Bob identifies as pansexual and non-binary and goes by either he/him or she/her pronouns.

Is Monet Exchange Bob's drag daughter? ›

No, Monét X Change and Bob the Drag Queen are not actually related, but they cohost a podcast called Sibling Rivalry.

Who are the Davenports in drag? ›

Drag Race season 11 contestant A'keria C. Davenport, and other Drag Race Contestants throughout the years (Honey Davenport, Monét X Change and Ra'Jah O'Hara) are among members of the Davenport drag family.

Where did Monet Exchange go to college? ›

Monét X Change
Monét X Change in 2022
BornKevin A. Bertin February 19, 1990 Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.
EducationRider University
OccupationsDrag queen singer television personality talk show host podcaster
8 more rows

What does Bob the drag queen stand for? ›

The story goes that while she was on stage, a guy couldn't hear her name properly and started making up various names. He asked Caldwell if her name was Kate, and she said, “yeah, Kate is a drag name.” After that, she made it simpler and decided on Bob — “Bob the Drag Queen,” which she thought was funny.

Who is Jinkx monsoon husband? ›

Hoffer suffers from narcolepsy, a fact that they revealed in the season five premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race. In January 2021, Hoffer married their partner Michael Abbott in a small ceremony at home with their friends and family witnessing through video call.

Is Trixie more famous than RuPaul? ›

As of June 2022, Trixie Mattel was the most followed Ru Paul's Drag Race contestant on Instagram, with a total of 2.9 million followers. Trixie Mattel was a contestant on Ru Paul's Drag Race season 7 and was the winner of All Stars season three in 2018.

How much do drag queens make a night? ›

New drag queens can earn around $50 per event they go and receive additional money through tips. Once you are able to establish your name in the industry, you can earn up to $800 or more per night, especially if you are performing in top theaters and clubs.

Does Trixie wear wigs? ›

Drag queen Trixie Mattel wears so many hats atop her colossal wig: She's a singer-songwriter (with a new album out this month), comedian, author (with another book planned for the fall), TV star, and the entrepreneur behind Trixie Cosmetics.

Who is the most famous female drag racer? ›

Shirley Muldowney (born June 19, 1940), also known professionally as "Cha Cha" and the "First Lady of Drag Racing", is an American auto racer.

Can a woman be a drag queen? ›

A female queen, diva queen, or hyper queen is a drag queen who identifies as a woman. These performers are generally indistinguishable from the more common male drag queens in artistic style and techniques.

Who is the oldest drag queen ever? ›

Darcelle XV was crowned the oldest drag queen by Guinness World Records in 2016. PORTLAND, Ore. -- Darcelle XV, the Guinness World Record holder for oldest drag queen performer, died Thursday at 92, her Portland, Oregon, cabaret announced on social media.

What color did Monet avoid? ›

Monet's paintings evoke a sense of energy and life, they leap off the canvas with color and contrast, but Monet somehow managed to avoid using the color black for nearly his entire painting career.

What color did Monet not like? ›

Why Did Monet Avoid Black? On average, Monet avoided black because he believed it did not exist in nature. Mixed colors were used to depict light and shadow, so impressionists avoided black when making paintings.

Did Monet know Van Gogh? ›

Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh never met, but it is not difficult to discern from Vincent's comments that he held the landscape painter in the highest regard.

What is a famous quote from Van Gogh? ›

Art is to console those who are broken by life.” “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” “I try more and more to be myself, caring relatively little whether people approve or disapprove.” “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

Who was older Monet or Van Gogh? ›

Perhaps two of the most renowned artists ever to live were Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. These two artists, although said to be very different, have many similarities. They were born merely 13 years apart, putting them in the same time period.

What artists inspired Monet? ›

Several artists influenced Monet's style and the development of his art work including Manet, Boudin, Hokusai and Jongkind.

Who was Monet in love with? ›

A true love which can overcome anything and everything, knowing no obstacles. Despite the complications between the two, Monet always loved Camille. It was from her that he drew his inspiration, strength, and enthusiasm to fan the flames of the sacred fire of his creative genius.

Who did Monet love? ›

In the 1870s, Monet had an affair with Alice Hoschedé, the wife of Ernest Hoschedé; they were a couple of collectors, and the painter and his wife Camille even lived with them. After the deaths of Camille Monet and Ernest Hoschedé, Claude Monet and Alice were married.

Which painter is confused with Monet? ›

Édouard Manet and Claude Monet are two of the best-known French artists of the 19th century. Their names are easily recognizable, but also easily confused. A simple slipup between vowels can turn an impressive art-world anecdote into a chaotic and confusing mess.

Who is the straight guy on drag? ›

Maddy Morphosis' partner Jennifer Standridge is also a drag performer, known as Miss Liza. Maddy Morphosis identifies as heterosexual and cisgender, and uses the pronouns she/her when in drag. Maddy Morphosis has said, "I identify as a cisgender straight man, but I'm gender non-conforming in my presentation."

Can Bob the drag queen sew? ›

Throughout her career, Bob's sewing talents and strong creative eye have continued to flourish.

Is Michelle on Drag Race a man? ›

But we're here to tell you that no, Michelle Visage is not a man in drag and indeed a cis-gendered woman.

Does Bob The Drag Queen have 2 boyfriends? ›

But they're not in a throuple — as Bob explains in his 37-minute video called "My Two Boyfriends," he's polyamorous and has two partners, Ezra, a musician, and Jacob, a video editor. The trio talk about polyamory, jealously, dating and much more.

Who does Bob The Drag Queen makeup? ›

I now work with an Emmy-winning makeup artist [on We're Here], Laila McQueen, from my season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Monét and I take our craft very seriously. You're launching with the Pretty/Funny eyeshadow palette.

Who is Violet drag mother? ›

Violet Chachki appeared on Drag Race before her mother, Dax ExclamationPoint, and won the crown, while Dax tied for last place on season 8.

Is Kameron Michaels related to Chad Michaels? ›

the first contestant to survive their third lip-sync and not be eliminated in the next episode. the fourth queen to enter the competition with the surname "Michaels", after Morgan, Chad and Kenya. However, he is not related to any of them in terms of "Drag Family".

How old was Sahara Davenport when she died? ›

Davenport died of heart failure at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on October 1, 2012 at age 27.

Who is Rupaul's sister? ›

Why did Monet move to Paris? ›

In 1859 the painter moved back to Paris to pursue his art career. In Paris, he met other young painters who would become friends and later fellow Impressionists. Monet was very active in the French capital, especially when the impressionist movement started.

Did Monet have a degree? ›

Claude Monet did not attend college but joined the studio of Charles Gleyre in Paris when he was 22. However, Monet would later identify the landscape painter Eugene Boudin as being the person most responsible for his becoming a painter.

Where was the house where Monet lived? ›

Claude Monet lived in his home at Giverny for forty-three years,from 1883 to 1926. During this very long time, he layed out the house to his own tastes, adapting it to the needs of his family and professional life.

Why drag queen makeup? ›

It's the makeup element that allows every drag performer to tap into their alter ego. And while you may think it's only skin deep, drag queens and kings alike attribute their transformation success to contouring, shadow blending and false lashes.

Who is the famous black drag queen actor? ›

RuPaul Andre Charles (born November 17, 1960) is an American drag queen, television personality, actor, musician, and model.

What is a drag mother? ›

drag mother / dragmother. an established drag queen who mentors a new queen, her "daughter" how to get started; many queens use the same last name as their drag mother, creating "family" lineages, sometimes called "houses"

Why did Alyssa Edwards get dethroned? ›

Some media outlets reported that Edwards kept missing major club events and other public appearances for Miss Gay America. Hence, the organisation decided to strip her of the crown.

Did Jinkx and Ivy have a relationship? ›

no. Ivy had a boyfriend like, the second filming was done she met someone, so of course nothing happened between her and I. But, actually, one of the contestants from Season 6, Magnolia Crawford, her and I had hooked up a long, long time ago before either of us were on Drag Race.

Does Jinkx Monsoon have a biological son? ›

Twenty-nine years ago, Jinkx Monsoon gave birth to a homosexual son named Kamikaze. Jinkx is on a mission to be a more active mother and spend quality time with her gay son.

What is the most expensive Monet at auction? ›

In May 2019, Meules from Monet's Haystacks series was sold for US $110.7 million at Sotheby's auction of Impressionist & Modern Art. The final auction amount was achieved in 8 minutes by 6 bidders. Painted in 1890, the painting became the first Impressionist painting to be sold for more than US $100m.

How much has the most expensive Monet sold for? ›

Meules (Haystacks), 1890-1891

In May 2019, Meules by Claude Monet sold for double its pre-estimated value of $55 Million. The gavel came down at full force when a bid of $97 Million dollars bellowed the walls of the Sotheby's auction room on May 14th, 2019.

Who tied with Monet Exchange? ›

But her win came with a twist, after RuPaul announced that X Change would share the crown with fellow queen Trinity the Tuck. It was the first tie in the show's history, stirring a fierce debate in the fandom—but if you ask X Change, this outcome is one of the best things that could have happened to the show.

Who has the largest collection of Monet? ›

The Musée Marmottan Monet (Monet Marmottan Museum) is home to the largest collection of the works of the painter Claude Monet (1840-1926).

What is the most expensive artist sold? ›

The most expensive painting ever sold is the Salvator Mundi, the Saviour of the World in English, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. It was painted in the 1500s and sold for $450.3 million in 2017.

What is the largest painting sold at auction? ›

The world's largest canvas painting has sold at a Dubai auction for almost 228 million dirham ($62 million), putting it among the most expensive artworks ever to go under the hammer. Measuring over 17,000 square feet, “The Journey of Humanity” is roughly equivalent in size to four NBA-regulation basketball courts.

Why is Monet so popular? ›

Claude Monet achieved fame for being the initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style. In his work he did not try to reproduce a scene faithfully as examined in detail but rather attempted to record on the spot the impression that a relaxed, momentary vision of the scene gave him.

What is Van Gogh sunflowers worth? ›

How much is 'Sunflowers' worth? When Van Gogh's own copy of the original version went on auction at Christie's, as much as 40 million dollars was paid to purchase it. Taking into account inflation, this painting would have cost $100m.

Was Monet rich during his lifetime? ›

4 - Monet Was Not A Wealthy Man

Like many artists, Monet did not live a wealthy life. He borrowed money from friends and was forced to live separately from his wife and move back home with his parents to survive.

What is a female drag queen called? ›

A female queen, diva queen, or hyper queen is a drag queen who identifies as a woman. These performers are generally indistinguishable from the more common male drag queens in artistic style and techniques.

What do drag queens do for fun? ›

People do drag for reasons ranging from self-expression to mainstream performance. Drag shows frequently include lip-syncing, live singing, and dancing. They typically occur at LGBT pride parades, drag pageants, cabarets, carnivals, and nightclubs.

Who really won All Stars 4? ›

Where does Monet Exchange live? ›

Brooklyn, New York City, U.S. She currently co-hosts the Sibling Rivalry podcast, with Bob the Drag Queen, and the Ebony and Irony podcast, with Lady Bunny.


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