The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (2023)

Veganism washave undergone radical changes in recent years. From fast food to fine dining, a host of forward-thinking chefs are doing their best to overturn prejudices about vegan food and show people that food can be beautiful, colorful and vibrant, and that flavors go well together . It's veganpasta, vegetarianPizza, vegetariansushi placesand more - meat may not be an option, but fine dining certainly isn't.

Seitan, tofu and tempeh often play a key role in recreating the texture of animal-derived ingredients. Seitan is a form of hydrated gluten. Tofu is made from condensed soy milk. while tempeh is made from fermented and cooked soybeans, packed in one piece. All three are accustomed to a delicious result: the "meat" is charred. "fishy" taste of the sea; The "cheese" is gooey and golden. The basis of all this is fresh, seasonal vegetables that are not boring.

There is also a movement in modern vegan cooking that does not try to recreate the texture and flavors of meat, but instead focuses on presenting plants and grains in their simple beauty.

Of course, vegan cuisine is not a complete solution to our planet's problems. There are many arguments about how healthy this meat is, as many fake meats and cheeses are highly processed. Not to mention that a lot of it isn't really good for the environment - tofu, for example, relies on monocultures and pesticides.

But no matter which camp you're in, no one can say that eating less meat isn't better for you and the environment, and if that means eating a fake burger once a week that's oozing beetroot juice, you mean It is not right?

Certainly not us, and given the creative cuisine at these Toronto establishments, it's safe to assume you'll be eating it a lot more often...

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto: Fashion District

1. Parka Food Co.

424 Queen St. W.

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (1)

Aiming to make healthy eating easier and more enjoyable, Parka reimagines classic comfort foods as wholesome and plant-based, yet wonderfully indulgent. Creamy cashew cheese goes beyond the traditional and comes in varieties such as truffle mushroom pesto and broccoli pesto. Meanwhile, biting into a juicy burger is also a way to add veggies to dishes like the portobello mushroom burger, topped with chipotle aioli, onion rings, guacamole, organic arugula and cherry tomatoes. Hearty chili, salads and bowls also appear on the menu, along with cashew cheese poutine and mushroom gravy.

2. Pizzeria You

536 Queen St. W.

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Pizzeria Du's story is as warm as its pizzas are delicious—which, given that plant-based pizzas are incredibly good, is a good thing. Queen Street Restaurant is from the same team behind Avelo, a gourmet plant-based restaurant known for its vegan hazelnut ice cream with sea salt and gold flakes, but this time it's an understated pizza with a plant-based flare.

The takeaway, located in the new Osteria Du, is named after Avelo's late chef Dualco. The restaurant canceled the launch of its newest outlet and changed the concept, transforming into Pizza Du to showcase Dualco's signature pizza dough.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto: The Entertainment District

3. Rosalind

133 Richmond St. W.

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Golden hour dining at Rosalinda is an ethereal experience. The restaurant's west-facing floor-to-ceiling windows allow golden rays of sunlight to illuminate every corner of the spacious, lush dining room, including the elaborately presented vegan meal on the plate. This is the perfect time to enjoy Rosalinda's solid Latin-inspired menu. Such one-of-a-kind dishes as black bean pancakes with garlic-battered aioli offer plenty of spiciness and signature flavors, while birria mushroom meat tacos ooze finger-licking good queso blanco.

Don't skip drinking a smoothie with your meal, especially if you're obsessed with mezcal (like us). The three-ounce mezcal negroni is a classic drink turned upside down with a dazzling Mexican spirit that steals the spotlight.

4. Queen plant

180 Queen St. W.

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Previously, vegans who ordered the most boring sushi (we're looking at you, cucumber roll), can finally satisfy their sashimi dreams at Planta Queen. Ahi watermelon nigiri mimics the texture and flavor of raw fish, while the dragon roll is stuffed with tempura broccoli, spinach and spicy unagi sauce.

On Chef David Lee's menu you will find all the greatest hits of Asian cuisine - BangBang Broccoli. wonton soup in mushroom broth; and General D. Siorb Cauliflower udon noodles in truffle-scented coconut cream and feel free to skip the noodles.

5th Branch of Copper

Multiple locations

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If a big bowl of chili is as comforting as a hug, Copper Branch's plant-based version is the equivalent of mom's hug, meaning it's warm, wholesome, and refreshing no matter what troubles you're dealing with. Elsewhere, colorful bowls piled high with sweet potatoes, beets and spicy chickpeas are sure to cheer you up - but if you're after something that doesn't feel healthy, tuck into the family mac 'n' cheese.

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto: Appendix

6. Guerrilla Burger

454 Bloor St. W.

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This kitchen at Eva's Original Chimney's single-handedly breaks the stereotype that vegan burgers are bland black bean rings and a disappointment. These giant burgers are layered with exciting toppings like chili, butternut squash mac n' cheese, kimchi and coleslaw. These babies aren't just nutritious, they're also some of the best comfort food we've ever eaten, plant-based or otherwise. Just remember to bring a paper towel (or five) because it's going to get messy.

Best vegan restaurants in Toronto: Kensington Market

7. Buddy's Vegan Restaurant

666 Dundas St. W.

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Budda's is practically synonymous with Toronto's vegetarian scene. Operating for over 30 years, this unpretentious Chinese restaurant has become a cult hit with foodies (or anyone with a taste) across the city. The dining room is often full of hungry guests, so the best solution will be to taste the Buddha's vegan meals that will make you cry. Their range of imitation meats is huge - soy steak, vegetarian chicken, mock prawns and duck are all seasoned to salty-spicy perfection in steamed soups and huge piles of delicious noodles or fried rice.

8. Hawker

Aleja Augusta 291

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This fine plant-based restaurant follows the ideology of "naturalism" - essentially treating food as an experience where you know every ingredient you consume. In practice, this means very thoughtful and very tasty small plates like the smoked poblano biryani "Starry Night". Pro tip: don't miss the homemade vegan ice cream for dessert.

Hawker. to

9. Vegan Hogtown

ul.Kolegium 382

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (2)

Classic takeaway and pub but vegan. We're talking about crispy, fried soy wings, topped with your choice of sauce. nachos with grilled soy pork, marinated spicy banana pepper, nacho cheese, sunflower sour cream and cilantro. and fully loaded chili fries. As for the main course, there's something for everyone, and the menu ranges from tacos, burgers, wraps and sandwiches to Belgian waffle crunch and beer-battered tempeh fish and chips.

10. Saigon Lotus

6 St. Saint Andrew

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We are pleased to carry this unassuming little restaurant tucked away in Kensington, which will be in the top 10 favorite restaurants of many Torontonians. The Vietnamese dishes on the menu are packed with big and loud flavors and all reasonably priced (vegan meals can be expensive, we know).

Spicy vegan chicken banh mi is flying out of the kitchen at breakneck speed, seemingly ordered at every table. Plus, we're charmed by the peaceful atmosphere of Saigon Lotus - we're happy to return to keep looking at their gorgeous ceiling mural (hand-painted by at least one of their staff).

11. Free Nabati

160 Baldwin Street

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (3)

'Nabati' is an Arabic adjective meaning 'made of plants' and that's exactly what this fast casual joint in Kensington specializes in. Inspired by street markets and street food culture, Eat Nabati combines Middle Eastern flavors with seasonal, local produce. Dishes are wallet-friendly (most menu items are under $10) and full of bold, wholesome freshness.

They have meat-style shawarmas, all plant-based, but you'd never know it, and a variety of dishes like cauliflower za'atar with beetroot tahini that can be served with fresh pita, rice, potatoes or lentils. There are also four types of tahini sauce to cover all your needs.

12. Vegetarian light

160 Baldwin Street

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Veggie D'Light is, well, delicious. Under the watchful eye of Jamaican-trained chef Peter McKenzie, the restaurant puts a vegetarian spin on Caribbean classics. Vegan pulled roti; bowls of whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice and flax. The menu is dominated by leafy vegetables and fresh salads, all designed to give you energy. The flavors of the Caribbean bring to mind warmer climes - now all we're missing is the beach and the palm trees...

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Best vegan restaurants in Toronto: Trinity Bellwoods

13. Bloomera

715 Queen St. W.

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The second location of this popular plant-based bakery focuses more on Bloomer's sweet side with vegan cakes, pies and delicious donuts that are handmade every morning. Start your day with donut-flavored donuts like rose pistachio and cinnamon sugar or seasonal specialties like butter pecan tart and banana pudding. They have daily changing flavors so that you are always surprised.

Looking for a spicy option? Bloomer's offers bagels - the perfect dish for dairy-free cream cheese spreads. If you have that special vegan or dairy-free friend in your life, their cakes will impress everyone at the party with fun flavors like vanilla frosting, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate ganache and marshmallows - and you can decorate the donut cake too your.

14. Fat Choi

94 Ossington Ave.

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Family-run Soos has been an Ossington favorite since 2013, and their plant-based Fat Choi pop-up is so good it can turn any meat lover into a plantato. Inspired by Chinese Malaysian cuisine ("fat" in Cantonese means prosperity and "choi" means vegetable), Fat Choi literally means plant-based wellness.

Their menu changes weekly, but some dishes to look forward to include char kaway teow (a popular Malaysian street noodle). char siu bao on steamed Chinese bun with pickled vegetables. and messy jackfruit with bourbon barbecue, samba mayo and kimchi. They also have jars of chili sambal that you'll definitely want to stock your kitchen cupboards with.

15. Stefan's sandwiches

1214 Dundas St. W.

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (4)

Known for their delicious plant-based pasta dishes, the team behind Gia (formerly Ufficio) have brought their love and penchant for vegan meals to a whole new concept: Stefano Sandwiches. Stefano's has been operating out of the same location as Gia, but work is underway on a new permanent location scheduled to open in the spring.

these are notsandwichremember from sad school lunches - Stefano's sammies are filled with homemade ciabatta. Menu items like the Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich (with Vegan Mayonnaise, Lettuce, and Pickles from White Lily Diner) and the Beyond Italian Sweet Sausage (with chipotle mayo, rapini chimichurri, fried onions, and VegCheese) will make you forget their meaty counterparts tastes.

16. Hello 123

1122 Queen St. W.

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (5)

Hello 123 promises happy food and happy times, which is quite a bold claim. But this Queen West spot offers more than just tradition, with plates of French toast with almonds and bananas, chickpea omelets with vegetables and Irene's Massive Breakfast, a feast of chickpeas and kale omelet with ranchero sauce, baked wedges and sourdough toast, pancakes, fried tempeh and side salad. a dish that laughs in the face of hunger. And that's just for the morning - there's hamburgers, alcohol and more.

17. Family

1214 Dundas St. W.

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (6)

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (7)

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (8)

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (9)


Although not completely vegan, the plant-based menu at Gia promises plenty of delight for vegetarians and vegans alike. Scoop up dishes like the creamy Tonnarello al Tartufo with truffles and cashew butter or the Rigatoni Salsiccia with homemade vegan sausage. Then sink your teeth into a fluffy homemade focaccia - pure heaven (and vegan too). The drinks list is dominated by organic and sustainable wines, but be sure to start with one of their handcrafted cocktails, such as the Smoke Show with mezcal, dry curacao, green chartreuse and lemon.

Best vegan restaurants in Toronto: Little Italy

18. La Bartola

ul.Kolegium 588

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Chef Ivan Castro grew up cooking traditional recipes with his mother and grandmother in Mexico and combined his unique culinary history with the power of plants to create a truly beautiful and original College Street oasis. Recently awarded a Bib Gourmand by the Michelin guide in Toronto, the restaurant serves beautifully composed and presented Mexican dishes such as creamy mole, braised hibiscus flower tacos and tetelas stuffed with refried beans. Everything that comes out of Chef Castro's kitchen is a masterclass in texture, flavor and creativity. Combined with La Bartola's passionate and experienced staff, it's an unforgettable dining experience.

19. Weird Burger

Multiple locations

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If you're craving fast food, definitely don't look at Odd Burger's website, definitely don't read the menu, and definitely don't order the Odd Burger. Which, for the record, fully lives up to its name. First, it's huge: a doorstep-sized, house-charred seitan patty wrapped in crunchy lettuce and a light and fluffy roll. It's also ridiculously tasty - a burger with beetroot juice for extra energy. Better watch out for the Golden Bows…

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Best vegan restaurants in Toronto: Roncesvalles

20. Merchandise

Aleja Roncesvalles 279.

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The Goods team believes in the healing power of whole, fresh foods. Food that's delicious, food that's natural, food that's, well, good. Here you will find ready soups, salads and smoothies, revolutionary dressings and - since the pandemic - easy meal kits so you can eat the best quality meals at home. It is simple morality and good.

Best vegan restaurants in Toronto: Parkdale

21. Lovebirds

1277 Queen of Ag. IN.

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We know what love tastes like and that's Lovebird's vegan fried chicken sandwich, with salsa, slaw and pickles. Or maybe it's fried chicken 'n bao buns, three soft and fluffy buns steamed with pickled carrot and cucumber, spicy vegan mayo and sesame seeds. Or maybe even a vegan burger with vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles on a vegan bun. Look, they're all delicious, and we love it—and we especially love that it's made with organic soy, pea protein, and non-GMO spices.

22. Vegan Danish Bakery

1312 Queen St. W.

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In our opinion, life without cookies isn't very interesting, so thank the food gods for the aptly named Vegan Danish Bakery, where you can eat cutlets of—yes, you guessed it—vegan Danish dishes. But also vegan biscotti, peanut butter muffins, cinnamon buns, slices of cheesecake... Shall we tell you more or will we meet there?

Best vegan restaurants in Toronto: Church-Wellesley

23. Hazelnut

Agios Nikolaos 51 Ag.

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Every day, Avelo sets the bar high for vegan dining in Toronto. Church-Wellesley is part of the same team behind Pizzeria Du and Osteria Du, but it's by far their prettiest party. Housed in a Victorian historic house in Św. Mikołaja, Avelo offers an intimate five- or eight-course plant-based tasting menu with an emphasis on creativity.

24. Soy Boys

471 Church of Ag.

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Come for the burgers, stay for the vegan soft serve. Soy boys at St. serves fast food to satisfy cravings in the blink of an eye. They also plant a tree in Madagascar for every burger you buy, so you definitely won't feel guilty about ordering a second (or third).

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto: Leslieville

25. Udupi Palace

1460 Gerard St. East

The 25 best vegan restaurants in Toronto by area (10)

Named after a city on India's southwest coast known for its temples, Udupi Palace is a vegetarian destination that also offers vegan, gluten-free and nut-free options. The menu specializes in South Indian cuisine, and includes items such as spongy idles served with homemade sambhar and chutney.


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