Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (2023)

There are so many places to eat in Amsterdam! And considering how crazy this city is, sometimes finding a good place to eat can seem like a daunting task. But don't worry because DutchReview is here to help.

Here are some of Amsterdam's most relaxed and trendy restaurants with delicious food and amazing cocktails! Also know that different Dutch reviewers have visited different trendy places, so it's not just one person to review the food, enjoy!

New information about the coronavirus:Yes, restaurants in the Netherlands are now open! However, you must show the "coronacheck" app to enter. Full information on current government guidance can be found hereHere.

Barbecue in the city center

Eclectic and excellent dining experience! To be honest, I wasn't immediately excited about the prospect of eating at a steakhouse near Leidseplein. But boy was I wrong!

Walking into Midtown Grill, you immediately feel that this is not going to be your usual - cliche - steakhouse experience. Its interior is filled with class, luxury and a good selection of eclectic upholstery (how often do you appreciate that in a given place? Well, here I am).

The staff are helpful and never make you feel like you're eating out in Amsterdam which is a compliment and the menu is limited not 627 choices but what they did did very well. (It also had proper vegetarian options as any place should these days.)

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (1)

We had a decent steak together and it was a beast. The staff show you the cuts of meat in advance and give you tips on how to prepare them (the thick cut should be a bit medium, otherwise you're just eating raw meat).

They also made me a custom whiskey sour and I can definitely recommend the "mixed boards" and the bitter lobster balls (how could I not??)

πŸ“ Address: Stadhouderskade 12, Amsterdam, NH1054 ES
🍽 Recommended: Lobster Bitterballen and of course steak
πŸ‘ Communities:instagram, Facebook


Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (2)

Twice a year,NOMADY"travels" to another place. Not only the menu for rural cuisine is changing, but also the interior decoration of the restaurant. We visited when it was decorated with images of the streets of Alfama and distinctive blue-tiled bathroom murals - you guessed it, Portuguese cuisine.

We had a four course meal accompanied by a bottle of white Serras de AzeitΓ£o from SetΓΊbal. Everything was great, especially the octopus salad and the pasteis de bacalhau (or codfish for foreigners). These are the basics of Portuguese cuisine and we're glad they haven't been forgotten. The oysters were the best part of the meal. they literally tasted like the sea.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (3)

For dessert we had a real Portuguese feast. The pastel de nata, which is so hard to recreate, was by far the most authentic we've had outside of Portugal. It can't beat the original "Pasteis de Belem" because it's based on an ancient recipe from the JerΓ³nimos Monastery, but it certainly beats many of Portugal's established bakeries.

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We also had the "rice milk", which is a version of the classic "arroz doce". The texture and flavor of the pudding was perfect, which is hard to achieve with just milk and rice. It's usually sprinkled with cinnamon, but NOMADS chefs have innovated again by adding raspberries, blackberries and blackberries, as well as fruit-infused marshmallows.

It was a great experience. NOMADS made us feel like we were in their mother's kitchen in Lisbon.

πŸ“ Address: Oranje Vrijstaatkade 551093 KS Amsterdam
🍽 Recommended: Oysters, pastel de bacalhau and pastel de nata
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook

NENI Amsterdam

Shared menu with the best falafel in town? Sign us up. We went to NENI Amsterdam to try the new Balagan menu - and we were not disappointed. Right next to the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam-Zuid,ARTICLEthe location may not be the first choice of tourists. However, it is worth taking a short trip outside the center.

From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the smell of fresh bread being baked in a delicatessen (well, only on weekends). Here you can buy freshly baked Mediterranean pastries, e.g. sourdough, grandma and challah. πŸ₯

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (4)

The meaning of NENI is that sharing means caring. There is a wide variety of plant-based dishes, with fish and meat, perfect for those who are as indecisive as we are. We had the Balagan menu which offers a wide variety of top dishes. The more people you have, the more dishes they add. You can request vegetarian dishes.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (5)

It's not the cheapest, it costs 40 euros per person, but you can get a lot for every zloty. For four people we were completely stuffed and happy about it.

All the food was fresh and had the perfect balance of salt and spice. Our highlights were the caramelized eggplant and possibly the best falafel we've ever eaten. But there was no grace on the menu.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (6)

NENI has a great concept and food full of flavor in every bite. The sharing menu was a bit pricey but you get a lot of food for the price. Perfect for a special occasion or lunch stop.

πŸ“ Address: Stadionplein 8, 1076 CM, Amsterdam
🍽 Recommended: Caramelized eggplant and falafel from heaven
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook

Amsterdam Glass

Bardarkis a Tel Aviv-themed bar in Amsterdam, located in the ever-growing hip and trendy district - de Pijp. It's perfect for those evenings when you crave cold drinks but know you'll be hungry. This is truly one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam!

The menu is pretty simple - anything you order comes on a tray with three sauces, street food. The three sides are tahini, mancho and chili.

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if you likemeatand mint, we invite you for an Arais kebab. It comes in the form of a "flavor infused pie" which is delicious. If you prefer something less fatty, we advise you to choose grilled kebab, rib eye steak or melt-in-your-mouth chicken liver. πŸ˜‹

Forvegetariansthere, you must try the grilled okra. It's not for nothing that the chef calls her "Sexy Okra". Are alsovegetarianmushroom shwarma with oyster mushrooms, sour cream and delicious warm pita bread.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (7)

The bar offers a unique rangesome of the best cocktailsin Amsterdam. We recommend the Solero Sour, the Chili Cucumber Margarita and the Pink Lychee Martini.

When it comes todesserts: while the Kanafeh was a beautiful mix of Kandaif cake and goat cheese (with ricotta and honey), our favorite dessert was the Babka, also known as "Grandma's Chocolate Cookie".

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (8)

πŸ“ Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 12, 1072 LJ
🍽 Recommended: Sexy Okra and Babka
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook

Vanderveen Bar and Restaurant

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (9)

Want to impress a hot date without breaking the bank? Well, here is a cozy little corner that will do its best for you. Vanderveen Bar and Restaurant, run by Fabio, Luca behind the bar and an amazing team of five chefs who excel in fine dining. This hotspot will keep you full and happy. The same chefs who prepare breakfast and lunch have also mastered fine dining in the evening. Vanderveen employees are made of the same unique cloth and very reasonably priced.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (10)

This hidden gem can be found in the southwest of Amsterdam on the Beethovenstraat. Walking in, you can immediately see that there is enough space inside to accommodate a lot of people. The front has a common feel like you've just walked in for a game of chess and coffee. In the back is the wine and food, real magic.

Knowing that Fabio and his chefs had a cheeseburger on the menu, my stomach ordered for me. He smiled and agreed that it would satisfy my hunger, and we agreed that the best appetizer would be a refreshing, frozen salmon tartare. As we flipped through the dinner menu, we were constantly distracted by the wine selection. With wines from Australia, Italy, France, Portugal and even imported from a neighbour, Luca didn't have to wait long for their offering. We went with a Deakin Australia estate white wine, perfect.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (11)

The duck took its final form doused in a seductively sweet orange reduction. cheeseburger? Well, it was delicious. When it was time to part ways, Luca the bartender asked if we wanted coffee, agreeing that two espressos would be the perfect end to a warm evening in Vanderveen. After a few minutes of conversation with Fabio or Luca, you can see that they love good food and good wine.

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Even more impressive is what the Fabio family has achievedtheirsolive oil for generations. It's now available to try, so if you want to escape the cold and relax with good company, Vanderveen onBeethovenstraat is the place to be. The music you'll hear at Vanderveen is reason enough to stop by for a hot cup of coffee on a snowy Sunday. They createdseamless playlistsfor morning, noon and night.

πŸ“ Address: Beethovenstraat 27-a, 1077HM, Amsterdam
🍽 Recommended: cheeseburger and salmon tartare
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook

The Fisk bar in Amsterdam

Somewhere on Eerste Sweelinckstraat is a Mediterranean paradise on earth, which is also one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam. A new restaurant where lovers of fresh fish and good wine can taste the best of Amsterdam. Fisk is the Scandinavian word for fish and it's no wonder it's one of Bar Fisk's specialties.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (12)

Despite its Scandinavian name, Bar Fisk's menu is a delightful mix of Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine. Inside, the decor is elegant and traditionally Scandinavian. The restaurant has a very creative and relaxing atmosphere, which helps to create an atmosphere that reflects the combination of Scandinavia and Israel. The most obvious is the large bar, which is largely adjacent to the open kitchen.


Middle Eastern food seems to be all the rage lately in Amsterdam, and Bar Fisk is where Amsterdammers come to try food from Tel Aviv and other popular Israeli cities. You can choose between Tasty Monday, Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu and let yourself be surprised by the range of Wine and Cocktail Menu. The choice can be quite a difficult task. Good luck with that.πŸ˜…

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (13)

Sit at the bar and carefully watch your cocktail while you watch the chefs fillet the fish and prepare some of the best dishes you've ever eaten.

Nothing new! Only Bar Fisk makes sure you see how fresh their products are, how they prepare the dish and also show off their cooking skills. Freshness and craftsmanship are reflected in the dishes that come out in front of you. Simple and well presented but always with a twist that sets it apart from other Mediterranean seafood restaurants. There is a pinch of Middle Eastern in every dish. Be sure to try squid, shrimp falafel, catch of the day Sashimi or Corvin tartare.

Bar Fisk is a place where everyone can come to have a drink, try Mediterranean cuisine, chat with friends and just feel at home. If you really love Israeli food or want to try something new, then Bar Fisk is the place for you.

πŸ“ Address: Eerste Sweelinckstraat 23, 1073 CL, Amsterdam
🍽 Recommended: Calamari, Shrimp Falafel, Sashimi
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook


Of course, when we hear the name Escobar, we all think of good drinks and good food, right? Okay, maybe it's not the first thing that comes to mind, but we recommend this place as a place to eat in Amsterdam with a little Latin flavor. β€œBecause there is a lot to do in this colorful restaurant in the busy area around Gerard Dou Plein.

What's in Escobar? A great terrace, modern decor with Latin touches, a fun place to drink and Mediterranean/Latin fusion food to share with your friends. We had a fun chat with the young owner, Roderick, about how Escobar made his name for the drink when it first opened. Now they've just introduced a new menu and we're on our way to earning a reputation for serving great food, and oh, they're on the right track.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (14)

There are some classics and some very creative dishes, and a nice surprise is that they are all quite expensive. We started with some Manchego, Cecina de Leon (salty) and β€œcrispy” Taco al pastor.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (15)

Now we need a moment to talk about this taco. We can now safely say that crispy tacos are better than soft ones. Fight me.

It featured aguachile, cauliflower and BBQ celery in manchego cream. We're still not sure what celery is, but it sure tastes good.

It was cold outside. We are still in the Netherlands so we got a taste of the desserts inside. The place was already buzzing with activity, so if you're looking for good food and boogie, you've come to the right place.

Overall, Escobar took us on a welcome little Latin break.

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(Video) AMSTERDAM: TOP 10 EATS (Amsterdam Food Guide)

πŸ“ Address: First Sweelinckstraat 10A, 1073CM, Amsterdam
🍽 Suggestions: Tacooos
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook

Canary Club

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (16)

In the former tram depot in Amsterdam, known as 'Food Hallen', you will find one of the most stylish places in Amsterdam. The interior of the Kanarie Club consists of materials and colors inspired by various industries found in the hall. From carpentry and metal to painting.

It is divided into different zones: a cafe where you can work, a cozy restaurant and a beautiful cocktail bar. With movies and dining in the backyard of the Kanarie club, this old tram depot in Oud-West is rightly one of the most popular places to work in Amsterdam.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (17)

Drinks with great company at Kanarie Club

Not only does Kanarie Club offer a nice, spacious bar (including a cocktail and snack bar), but it's also centrally located and ideal for large groups. The snack bars offer a wide variety and there is always something for everyone. You can also play beer pong to pass the time. The famous Kanarie Club pool bar doubles as a beer pong court.

In addition to beer pong, there is also plenty of space to enjoy a drink or celebrate with good company. The Kanarie Club introduced the 'Bird Box' to its offering. This box contains everything you need to celebrate a good party with your friends. Groups of 10 or more can be booked. what do you take? A keg of beer, two roundsfamous dutch bitterballen, balloons and a dj on the weekend from 21:00, who will play your favorite birthday songs. The Bird-day Box costs are as follows: 10 people (130 euros), 20 people (170 euros) and 30 people (210 euros) etc.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (18)

Kanarie Club is not only an ideal place to work for students, freelancers and people looking for a place to chill or relax with friends and family. The menu is unusual, the atmosphere is nice, the staff cheerful and the setting is as beautiful as expected. Whether you're there for breakfast, flexible work, lunch, dinner or just a drink: Kanarie Club remains one of the best hotspots in Amsterdam.

πŸ“ Address: Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT, Amsterdam
🍽 Polecane: Bitterballs
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook


Feeling fancy? If you're looking for a slightly more sophisticated evening - this should be the Kluis. This can definitely be called fine dining. You will find it on the busy Haalemerstraat.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (19)

Starter was bread and a choice of butter (in unique flavors like squid ink and beetroot). Delicious! You can choose if you want appetizers. Oysters are served with lemon and red onion and wine vinegar sauce. There was… the one we tried was beef with wasabi sauce on edamame beans.

You choose from 3-6 dishes or you can request their signature dishes (which also sound amazing).

We recommend the coquille and king crab dish - the beurre noisette (butter sauce) was divine and the trompette de la mort (mushrooms or 'death trumpets' as we like to call them) were simply delicious!

For dessert, you can choose between sweet or savory. We offer a selection of Portuguese cheeses and if you have a sweet tooth, the coconut ice cream brownie is delicious.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (20)

Guests can also enjoy a carefully selected wine to accompany each course. We even had the opportunity to tour their cellar where wine tastings and special events will eventually take place.

Trendy places to eat in Amsterdam | Dutch review (21)

We had fantastic service from experienced and friendly waiters. The decor was minimalistic and very modern, and the food, of course, was delicious. Overall an A class experience.

πŸ“ Address: Haarlemmerstraat 118, 1013 EX, Amsterdam
🍽 Recommendations: Shell and King Crab and Trumpet after death
πŸ‘ Communities:Instagram,Facebook

So you got it! Here are some of the best places to eat in Amsterdam in 2018. Have you been to any of these amazing restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!


Editor's note:This article was originally published onOctober 2018and has been updatedNovember 2021for your reading pleasure.

Featured image: Abuzer van Leeuwen/included


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